Whoa! We've Got a NEW SITE!

.... and it's got links to 1,000 WebTV User Homes Pages! Even better, it's updated DAILY! We've left this one up so your links won't be broken, but please come to see what we've been building for you. You'll find all of the links to Home Pages is the User2User section of Net4TV.

WebTVTM Corporate Sites

Club WebTV -- our very own "newsletter" from WebTV and WeCare. And so it seems they do. THE resource for all of us.

WebTV's Corporate Page -- get the straight skinny from the horse's mouth. Plus, developer docs, test pages, and news releases.

Sony's Corporate WebTV Pages -- Here's what Sony has to say about WebTV.

Philips/Magnavox' WebTV Corporate Site -- Magnavox' site includes a WebTV owners manual, for all of us early purchasers who got the quick-printed version.

WebTVTM-helper Sites

JumpCity -- If you have the Sony WebTV, you got the book for these guys. If you have a Magnavox, you don't have the jump codes but you still can get some neat stuff.

DejaNews -- You don't need a news reader to access UseNet. Just click here, and get it all (or almost all) through your Web browser. A convenient search engine for UseNet and posting as well as reading make it useful for computer users as well as a great site for WebTV.

The WebTV SIG -- Eric and Denise Andresen continue to enhance their WebTV community- oriented site with the WebTV SIG (SIG means Special Interest Group). This site just keeps getting better and better.

Personal WebTV Sites and Home Pages

The "Optimized for WebTV" Source -- Proudly proclaim your site as "Optimized for WebTV," and pick up your site logo here. Bob Davis was the originator of the "PC Free" movement, and now offers a logo that all of us (even those like us who also use computers) can display.

WebTV Addict's Page. Are you addicted? Nancy McPoland has done a most FUN (and very funny) site for all of us (and, of course, she did it with her WebTV). Definitely recommended!

The World of Soose--A "Site" For Sore Eyes". "Soose" sets the record straight on what all those web terms like "URL" really mean (depends on what part of the country you're from -- could be a man's name, or something you put into your car). Her site is a crackup -- we already can't wait for next month's issue!

The Tiger Den. A dedicated Clemson fan, Scot Branham (aka Tiger1) provides us his definite opinions about the Tigers and their rivals, the South Carolina Gamecocks, and some links to his favorite team and Nascar sites. Sports fans, enjoy!

The BUI Man. Player X of Spencerport (High?) has expressed himself in a most provocative site. If you remember your high school days and aren't offended by the language of the hallway, you should definitely check it out. Right on to his comments about racism on the Net!

Tranquility Cove. A perfect name for this site, which features a panoramic photo of their beautiful view. The Browns emailed us that they were given a WebTV for Christmas by their PC-savvy son Bob (who helped a little with the site), and that, at 77, "we hope we're getting the hang of this thing." You're doing great!

Historic Architecture Home Page. Built with a WebTV by architect and WebTV user Timothy George Hare, this site features his background, links to sites about historic architecture (including his other site with some very nice drawings he's done), and links to order his architecture books. He's also got a WebTV Links page. Nice job!

A Heart for the Truth. The "Silver Surfer" has built a most interesting site with his WebTV -- thought-provoking philosophy, plus some very interesting links. Different, and definitely worth your time!

~jamesland~. Elvis had Graceland, Michael has Neverland, and James has... Jamesland. Unlike the first two, Jamesland was built entirely with a Sony WebTV. He's willing to answer HTML questions (the ones that he knows the answer to, he points out) for WebTV users also looking to build pages.

Michael's House of Links. Michael Cohen has built a really nice site -- PC Free -- with a well-organized approach and an imaginative use of text formatting and color. Michael says it's his second attempt at PC Free page building. Very stylish -- he's learning fast!

JC's Leaping List of Links -- John and his partner Linda (next listing) have created both of their sites entirely with their Sony WebTV.

Linda's Country Cookie Jar -- Linda's "PC Free" site with lots of of favorite links (but we haven't found the cookies yet).

VanMaaren's WebTV Home Page -- Another "PC Free" site, with a weekly questionnaire and results, and good links. Very nicely done!

Michael's Page of Poetry and Myth. A most interesting site by WebTV community member Michael Prudhomme. Thought provoking, and very nice music to think by.

Daryl's Home Page Kit -- So now you want to make a home page with your WebTV, right? This "PC Free" site shows you how. Very useful info for the WebTV fan!

WebTV Help. If you haven't checked this site recently, you should. Focused entirely on WebTV, this site was done by one of our 15-year-old community members. He's been making sites for some time with his WebTV (this is at least his third), and his experience is starting to really show.

The WebTV Zone. Very nice design, even if it's still mostly under construction. Keep checking back for new stuff.

The WebTV and PSX Info Page -- A couple of friendly WebTV/Sony Playstation enthusiastists offer up some well-focused links, including an e-mail "netiquette" guide for newbies.

Total WebTV -- A fan has put up the WebTV specs, marketing releases, and a questionnaire (but no results). All text.

WebTV Talk -- A newly-redone site, with a very nice design keeps WebTV owners up to speed on the latest happenings.

Have we missed you? If you're a WebTV surfer who's built a site you'd like the rest of the community to see, send us an email at with the address of your site, and anything you'd like to tell us about it.

Your 2 Cents.
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