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What's Up With Net4TV?

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You've noticed that we're not updating on schedule, and paperboy has been missing. Here's what's happening with Net4TV, our plans, and how you can help! [05/28/01]

It's a Floor Wax AND a Dessert Topping!
Dudette looks at the positioning of WebTV, Ultimate TV, and AOLTV, and thinks that the marketing people need to try again if they want to create a booming market. [04/15/01]

Microsoft's Kleenex Branding Strategy
Dexter ponders the perilous problems of branding. Microsoft's Kleenex branding strategies have inspired the death of WebTV and its rebirth as Ultimate TV. [04/08/01]

Net4TV: A User's Commentary
Bill Johnson shares his views on Net4TV. [05/24/01]

Click here for a Windows TV "demo."

Disclaimer: No actual TVs were harmed in this parody.

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