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Hoax Report: The GeoCities Rumor
POLL: The WebTV Report Card
Tidbits: Cookies, Mergers,
and JiggleTV

Microsoft UltimateTV,
TiVo Fight DVR Bugs

Hoax Report:
Back on the Chain Gang

Microsoft Weathers Criticism
Over Hailstorm TOS

Talking Tivo-lution
WWWD: Auction Antics
Tidbits: Peeps and Peeping
The Buzz: Missing In Action

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Hoax Report: The GeoCities Rumor
Let's say it right here: It's NOT true. GeoCities is not going to close. A rumor has been burning through newsgroups and inboxes faster than a through cola, saying that GeoCities is closing down. Not true, says Yahoo! [UPDATED] [05/01/01]
POLL: The WebTV Report Card
In 1998 and 1999, we conducted WebTV Report Card polls, an unprecedented look at your opinions of the software, the service, and the future possibilities. Now, 18 months since our last poll, Microsoft has changed directions, the WebTV software and service has changed, and, we'd like to see how well WebTV is measuring up. [04/26/01]
Tidbits: Cookies, Mergers, and JiggleTV
Have you heard about all the fuss with DirecTV and who is buying whom? Dexter explains it all. Also, WebTV is crumbling its cookies, breaking sites and the revenue models that support them. [04/26/00]
Microsoft UltimateTV,
TiVo Fight DVR Bugs
Microsoft's UltimateTV and TiVo's DirecTV units both work to fix software flaws as experts predict slower growth for the digital video recorder category. [04/15/01]
Hoax Report: Back on the Chain Gang
Have you received an e-mail recently promising you a free computer or other valuable merchandise for forwarding it to your friends? So have we, but unfortunately, we know it's not true. Learn why in our latest look at underside of your Inbox. [04/15/01]
Microsoft Weathers Heavy Criticism Over Hailstorm TOS
A clause in a two-year-old privacy policy came back to bite Microsoft as an outcry of user protest over Terms of Service for its popular Passport service causes the company to think in other Terms. [04/08/01]
Talking Tivo-lution
Personal digital video recorders are hot new toys for the tech market, and early entry TiVo has enjoyed a commanding percent of the early adopters. With competition from Microsoft, a need to cut costs in the dot.doom marketplace, and privacy concerns on their plate, can TiVo keep a big piece of the pie? [04/08/01]
World Wide Web of Deceit: Auction Antics
If you're one of the many Internet auction fans, you're participating in one of the Internet's most popular activities, and one of the most problem-ridden. Here's some ways to protect yourself when buying or selling on the Internet. [04/08/01]
Tidbits: Peeps and Peeping
Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder, the World Wide Web will surprise you again. This week, netcasting from the Dark Side, G.W. gives up e-mail, and strange candy links, all in our Must See HTTP. [04/08/01]
The Buzz: Missing In Action
Nat didn't report in, and Mehitobel is almost beside herself with worry. Even with the help of her new Net-savvy colleague, she hasn't turned up a trace. Is it time to hatch Agent 008? Can you help to find Nat and get him safely home? [04/08/01]

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