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ALIEN's-Interactive Story

By Datatyme
(June 20, 1999)

[Calling all "Alien" move fans!!! Want to play a game? Well, datatyme brings us the interesting "Alien" and his game, Alien Interactive Story, for you to play and enjoy. His multi-media e-mail sig once experienced a moment of fame on the Home Shopping Network! And read about his first nightmarish experience with the movie!--ck]

Alien, as we shall call him (because his real name is unpronounceable to humans ) was born in 1972 in Houston, Texas, so he only had to wait eight short years to see the movie "Alien," which changed his life forever.

He is the oldest of four siblings, but was the only boy so he felt like he grew up as an only child. He always had his own room and never had to share his clothes or toys (lucky him).

Two weeks before Christmas of 1997, he was just about to leave Best Buy when he saw a Sony WebTV Classic for $99. He had used the Internet before, but never thought he would be able to have a connection of his very own until he saw that little black box. Computers were just too much money he thought. That Christmas, he became a WebTV user.

About a month after getting his WebTV, he received his first HTML e-mail. He was amazed that someone could do that with a WebTV, and asked them how they did it. They simply sent him a link to Dr. Dracc's HTML lesson page, and within 4 days, he had his bandwidth-hogging sig ready to display to all his friends. The basics of HTML that he still uses today were all learned in the first two weeks at Dracc's HTML site.

To understand him and his ties to the movie "Alien," you must realize what the experience was like when he first saw it. He was eight years old, and before that, he can't remember being afraid. For all he knew, "Alien" was the first truly frightening movie he ever saw. It was more than just a scary movie to his young mind; it was a traumatic event that caused him to have severe nightmares for several months. To make things worse, his parents bought him the "Alien" doll for Christmas that year. [Oh geez!] It was like the monster had followed him home from the movie somehow. All that fear never really went away, it was just tucked away in storage, and waited.

Seven years later, when he saw the commercial for the sequel entitled "Aliens," all that fear suddenly broke free and in an instant, was turned into obsession. From that point on, his life was colored and accented with the movie "Alien," and he still doesn't see that diminishing even some 20 years later.

The story of his webpage - Alien Interactive Story - starts with his old e-mail sig. He didn't like stealing bandwidth from other's sites, so he wanted to place all his images and sounds on his own website for storage. And in fact, the original title of the "Alien Interactive Story" used to be "Aliens Bulk Storage." After he had the site, he felt he wanted to do more with it than just store it, but it wasn't until his friend made a simple point-and-click webgame that he had his inspiration.

Two months later, that rough version of the "Alien" game was opened (which I remember playing and being in awe). It took him nearly a year of tweaking until he could finally say it was completed.

In all, the many months he's had WebTV, he's gone through three upgrades, and countless minor server-side upgrades. But still, his biggest complaint about WebTV is the lack of basic features that are considered standard for using the Internet. He says, "A mouse would be a good start to making WebTV more of a tool and less of a toy."

If you are just starting to build a webpage, he recommends using Tripod. To him, they seem to have the most user-friendly design. He also recommends keeping your favorite HTML help page saved to one of your F-keys so you can easily jump back to brush up on your HTML as you build your page. Also he says, writing down some HTML tips helps a lot too. His biggest piece of advice though is, "Try not to build a page that has been done a billion times before. Think of something that you would be happy to find, and then build that." Very good advice indeed.

He is very well known and liked in discuss.n2play, which he is known to frequent. Some of my own biggest "Alien-Moments" there include: him posting his audio/video captures of his multimedia e-mail sig as shown on the Home Shopping Network. According to the announcer/salesperson, Alien-'s e-mail was one of the most awesome and interesting sigs he'd ever seen. Alien- also showed vidcaps of his Halloween decorations and costumes, not to mention "Buck" his beloved hamster.

Be sure to check out his "Alien Interactive Game. (I have played it several times) It is similar to a choose-your-own-adventure book in how it's set up. On top of that, the ending is really cool. (You'll have to find out for yourself) The game takes up about 5 MB of space, and an amazing 183K of that is handwritten text and code!

[Community Editor's Notes: What a game. And what an experience you had since eight years old! We are wondering if you ever told your folks how you felt about that Alien doll! I would have slept under the bed if that had been in my room! LOL--ck]


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