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VoxPop: The Users Speak

By Net4TV Voice
(May 23, 1999)

ETV is great, but it's still secondary to the Internet.

He can do whatever he chooses to upgrade the tv features of webtv, as long as it doesn't cost any extra. I would prefer to see more internet features and faster timing for internet loading etc.

I bought my webtv for the internet access not for the tv features. If two companies had the same internet access (in their boxes), then would the tv features might make me buy the one who had them. .... maybe and that's a big maybe.

Internet most important feature for me. Enhanced television is a distant second.

My use of the WebTV is primarily for the Internet. The "enhanced TV features" are nice, but aside from the PIP I don't use them often. All those that I know use their WebTV for the same purposes; Internet access. If this little box was intended for an "enhanced" TV experience it should have been named TVWeb. It's name is WEB TV which implies the "Web" capabilities takes precedence over the "TV" capabilities. I myself find the new box coming out (Echostar?) to be the biggest waste I have ever heard of. Why pay THAT much money for it? Yes you also get the Sattelite TV. But what if someone doesn't want Sattelite? They may be happy with their Cable or whatever. The money poured into this new box SHOULD mave been put into "enhancing" what they already know is popular. IE- Classic and Plus.
R. Ayars

I'm sure it's interesting to many, but I'm not much of a TV person. On the other hand, I think that the importance of the Net will continue to explode, with non-computer devices--whether WebTV or other--gaining more and more prominence.
Eric Furry

The TV capabilities now offered, while enjoyed, are, to me, of about 25% in overall importance. My main focus is the internet, html, and information search, and enhanced TV, in that order.

The Plus' enhanced TV features are quite adequate. I'm more interested in what what WebTV can do with the WWW and the Internet. I now surf using AOL on my recently acquired computer system. I immediately experienced what WebTV has failed to give us. I still surf the Web with WebTV, but I'm just hanging on to see what's in store with our next upgade (will there even be one?). AOL could certainly inherit some of WebTV's simplistic surfing methods while WebTV definitely could stand to gain some of the Internet standards. There's no obvious reason why WebTV could not offer the things we users are asking for. The prime $24.95 monthly service charge should allow complete Internet access. I don't think we want WebTV to use as a computer in general, but just to access the Net like a computer can. I don't think that's too much to ask for from a technology that could take any direction it wants to.

TV features on Webtv are definately secondary for most of the people i know have Webtv to do internet related things. Mr. Perlman needs to pay attention to what his paying customers want to use our units for. Very sad that they own a computer company yet we Webtv users have to "steal" bandwidth as we are unable to upload items for our use.
Lady Luna

"Enhanced TV" is okay as an add-on, or dare I say, a "Plus." But not if it results in limited internet capability, which clearly has been the case!

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