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VoxPop: The Users Speak

By Net4TV Voice
(May 23, 1999)

What about the users who don't even have the ETV features?

I've a WEBTV Classic so not much in this survey applies to me. I have little intrest in having more exposure to TV, the internet is far more interesting and useful.

IMO, Mr.Perlman is mistaken. I happily own the classic unit, and have not "upgraded" to the plus BECAUSE of the TV features. I purchased my Webtv for the internet access, e-mail, and newsgroups. As a matter of fact, the TV set that my Webtv unit is connected to is NOT connected to my cable hook-up, so I cannot watch any television programming on the same set that I use for my Webtv. I purchased my Webtv at a time when a decent computer would cost around $2000 (although the price has dropped consierably since then). I most definately chose the Webtv for it's "computer-like" aspects, and NOT it's TV "enhancement".

well, let's see...i bought my classic for email ability(had high long distance bills), needed to keep in touch with my family. and for inexpensive internet accessabilty.just couldn't afford a computer(still can't). and to my knowledge my reasons haven't changed one iota. could have bought the plus but i didn't need or want the tv stuff. might buy the new classic but not if it doesn't have the wired keyborad port. when i want to watch tv my webtv is off. i don't want an interactive tv. i watch tv to zone out.

Mr. Perlman needs to listen to his subscribers! If I wanted enhanced TV I would have bought a Plus unit, but I chose classinc because all I want it for is internet access and I couldn't afford to buy a computer. And the webtv makes it easier to see what I am surfing and chatting is 100 % easier to deal with. If I wanna watch TV, I will turn my WEB off and turn my TV on!!!

If you don't have PLUS, you don't fit into Perlman's (or sony"s) visionof the future. With over half of WebTV subscribers being Classic users, it would seem to be a large segment to ignore especially with a new Classic produt product coming online.
gene kent

We have several tv's in our home, this one is used for internet access only.I have a classic unit and have felt no need to upgrade to a plus. Since learning html I'm making a homepage I'm proud of. Buying Webtv was all about the internet only!

I have been a heavy classic user and have yet to see an overwhelming reason to upgrade to a Plus. Classic limitations to full web use would ordinarily make me a prime candidate for the Plus. Yet until or if they decide to bring the Plus up to current web standards (Java, RA/G2, ect) I see no reason to upgrade just to watch TV. When I watch TV the WebTV gets turned off.
John Clark

I have both a Classic and a Plus. I have found that I use the Classic 90% of the time. The Plus is used mainly for selecting upcoming TV movies.
Richard Brincefield

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