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VoxPop: The Users Speak

By Net4TV Voice
(May 23, 1999)

Plus users told us that, though they'd bought the box that can show some of Steve's "ETV vision," that wasn't why.

I've got a WebTv Plus and I never use the Tv feature. In fact I never hooked the Tv veiwing part to it. I bought it because it was $200 and I could get on the internet. A computer cost over $1500!!

I think Perlman is horribly out of touch with his user base. I bought the Plus unit mainly for it's "supposedly" more advanced internet options & faster modem. I thought the PIP window was a nice convenience, so I didn't have to miss certain shows WHILE I WAS SURFING. If he wants to to enhance anything, enhance my internet experience. The TV side is nice, but I would much rather have better internet. (Course, I'm still ticked off about not getting the games, when obviously we can use them) Maybe Perlman should start listening to his actual customers, and less to Microsoft.
William Cook

It doesn't. We started out on a classic for strictly internet access and upgraded to a plus unit. Being able to do photos in email was a nice asset but as far as the tv aspect of it goes, it's not really anything we utilize much if at all. I find I either want to surf or watch tv - not do both. And paying $25 a month and being able to access only half the internet because of webtv's limitations stinks. Don't get me wrong. I love webtv and knew what I was buying beforehand but there is so much to be desired and so much room for improvement as far as the internet experience of it goes. It's time for Steve Perlman to pull his head out the sand and _listen_ to what us users are saying otherwise a lot us will be hitting the pc highway. At least we'd be truly getting our $ worth of access.
E. Deaderick

I bought a Plus because 1: I got a good deal for the box/keyboard combo and 2:because I could install a printer with no hassle. I use the internet features far more than the enhanced tv--turned into an internet junkie because of webtv.:-) Though the tv stuff is nice, frankly I would have bought webtv if it outright turned my tv into a full-time internet monitor.I communicate with relatives more, joined an on-line community, learned a lot by surfing the web. Thanks for a cool, relatively inexpensive invention.
Karen Nelson

It doesn't.I bought the Classic for internet access only.The only reason I bought the Plus is because of the 56k modem and more memory which I thought meant better upgrades.If Webtv starts to just enhance the tv side I won't be on Webtv.

He must be an old boob toober. I do not ever and I repeat never use my Plus to get TV. For that I go grab my TV control and watch TV in the family room. I have both units and prefer the Plus for its ease with my printer.
Roy Hope

I think he is completely out of touch with the subscribers. I got my Plus when my son was in Bosnia so we could e-mail each other. My sister lives in England and we e-mail each other almost daily. I'm glad I bought a Plus because of the faster modem speed but I never use the TV features. In their advertising they stress the internet capabilities of their product. How come?
Patricia Carroll

Perlman doesn't have a clue!!! The ONLY reason I bought the Plus instead of the Classic was for the photo and sound in email. I didn't hookup my vcr to the box until I'd had the thing for 5 months. I'm very tempted to jumpoff the Webtv bandwagon with several of my friends who have already switched to computers. Wakeup Perlman, I can set my vcr with it's remote for FREE !!!!!!!!! Program guide comes with cable !!!! And my tv already has PIP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could care less with the intergration of TV with my webtv. I love being able to access the internet and would like more enhancements ie. audio, java, etc. upgrades. The only reason I have a "plus" is that my "classic" bombed out and my insurance policy with Circuit City replaced it with the "plus" because they didn`t carry the "classic" anymore. The main feature I like with the "plus" is the larger cache......
Gordon Puff

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