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Chien Cooks: Cooking For the Crowd

By Nancy McPoland
(May 23, 1999)

We've got a lot of entertaining to do soon, and I turned to our friends at for some menu-planning help. Boy, did they come through!

For a family dinner, I'm planning to serve Bill & Nancy Shankweiler's Family Favorite Oven Chicken, with Moncadoit's Mickey Rooney Knockout Salad and Spinach Bake. We'll finish up with an unusual Coconut Flan courtesy of Sandy.

When the in-laws drop by, I'll wow them with Rich Benner's Baked Fish with Herbed Vegetables, Bette's Cheddar Croquettes, Margie's Pea Salad with Smoked Almonds, and finish them off with Connie Gallagher's Roasted Apples in Phyllo.

If I can coax my meat-loving male friends away from the TV, we'll be having Niene's Steak with Mustard Cream Sauce , Connie Van Cleave's Baby Carrots in Scotch , and Moncadoit's Sesame Asparagus, accompanied by a big baked potato. We'll cool off with a creamy, Dreamy Banana Pudding from Carol Butler.

My sister and her SO are veggie lovers, so we'll go meatless one night with Connie Gallagher's Spanakopita, yummy Macaroni with 4 cheeses from Margie, and a cool Mango Salad from Niene. A Chocolate Zucchini Cake from Betty Bardswich would go nice with that, don't you think?

But for all the people I really want to impress, I'll be serving Connie's Bunratty Castle Pork Ribs with Honey Whiskey Sauce with Marge's Spiced Asparagus, a Leek Tart from Trevor, and top it all off with Bill and Nancy's luscious Summer Sherbet.

That should take care of my entertaining obligations for the next year or so. I'll be happy to sit back and let someone else cook, but won't mind providing the recipes!

You're Invited...

If you like to cook, like to eat, or just like the good fellowship of posting with friends in a nice place where both WebTV'ers and PC'ers from all over the world can meet and enjoy each other, check out -- it's "the best little cooking group on the Net."

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