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VoxPop: The Users Speak
Useful Tips From Friends and Users

By Net4TV Voice
(May 23, 1999)

PDF on WebTV? Try and See!

WebTV users have not had access to content distributed in the portable document format (pdf), due to the lack of support for a built-in viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader. That barrier soon may be removed with the pending release of the Adobe Document Server (ADS), which among other things allows anyone on any platform with almost any common Web browser to view PDFs without the need for a helper application or special plug- in.

At PDFzone.COM, we're currently featuring -- in collaboration with Adobe Systems -- a 'technology demonstration' of the ADS. We're gradually adding a variety of PDF files to the demo and seeking feedback on its usefulness to different audiences.

We'd enjoy hearing from WebTV users after they've taken ADS for a test drive; follow the link from our home page at:

If you want to suggest any specific PDF documents, or types of information in PDF, send them to:

Hope to hear from some of you -- and please feel free to forward this information to other WebTV users through other channels.
rgds ~ Kurt | PDFzone.COM

Another Solution to the Mic Adapter

I just read the Article in the latest issue of the voice about Diane Dumas's, great idea but I found an easier alternative that dosnt require any soldering or spliceing. just buy it and plug it in. I bought a stereo amplified listener from Radio Shack (Cat # 33-1093A about $24) a little battery powered gizmo a bit smaller than a deck of cards, that was intended to be worn in ones pocket and send amplified ambient sounds through an ear plug, kind of like a hearing aid. also bought a 5' cable with an RCA/phone jak on one end and a 1/4" plug on the other........just put the battterys in the "listener" and plug the 1/4 inch plug into the spot designed for the earploug, then connect the RCA jack to one of the Audio in spots on the back of the webtv unit....Thats it !

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