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VoxPop: A Reader's Opinion
Good Samaritans Effort Backfires

By Name Withheld
(May 23, 1999)

Ok, I have the OTHER side of the story.

I recently got kicked off webtv because I was in financial trouble and sent out an email telling my online friends goodbye. Some of my friends did the same thing, started to try to round up funds to help me stay online, and I ended up being kicked off of webtv for a "terms of service violation."

I'm now on someone else's webtv and I'm VERY upset at webtv! They are a monopoly that does not care at all how they treat their customers!!!! They won't talk to you on the phone about it and when you write to thier legal department, they don't care at all what the circumstances are!

The big problem is the "reply all" button with no way to protect your list of friends! They should give you an option to bcc so your list won't get spammed by whoever feels like hitting reply all! What's funny is all the people who hit reply all, to COMPLAIN about everyone hitting reply all! It starts a snowball effect of ignorance and I blame webtv for all of it! They have it set up to spam everyone who has a mail list! It's almost like they WANT everyone to get spammed and then get kicked off for unsolicited email!

I'm VERY disatified with the way webtv treats thier customers! I wish they would wake up and see that THEY are causing all this spam! Thanks for listening!

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