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Talk Radio for WebTV

By Chet Copeland
(May 23, 1999)

This is a 'jumping off' list geared to the more serious listener. All of the sites use WebTV-compatible RealAudio 2 or 3 (streaming).

WebTV (compatible) RADIO STATIONS:

Go to the 'News-Talk Page'. There, you can choose a button menu of syndicated shows like Jim Bohannon, Art Bell, etc. (A suggestion: Take advantage of time zone differences to gain additional listening hours). You can also do a search here to see if a station webcasts in WebTV's RA2-3 format. A huge site -- until WebTV gets an audio upgrade, this is our 'default' listeners' bible:


Only half the links work on WTV, but it's a site I use daily. General listening too. Left side is a huge 'standing list' of domestic and international stations (e.g. top notch Deutsche Welle & Radio Netherlands); right side is topical (e.g. "Kosovo Crisis") and updated often (red=audio; blue=print): Recently featured by Netscape, USA Today, and Yahoo!


Check out the NPR 'on demand' audio archives for "Morning Edition", "All Things Considered", etc. They are available shortly after the last feed to the West Coast: This way you can listen to only the clips (stories) that interest you! Many don't know that there are audio files hidden back there. NPR certainly doesn't advertise them, presumably because local stations fear that NPR will become a mega-netcasting site.


For erudite talk: "Extension 720" (9-11PM M-F, C.T.) from commercial station. Topics are posted 1 month in advance. How about two hours on the Renaissance? Or the art of beermaking & tasting? Listen at the station or at LTTN:

WBUR--Boston NPR

"The Connection", live (10-Noon E.T.) or archived--said to be the best talk show in the East (by the Wash. Post radio columnist):
WBUR--Boston NPR

KCRW--Santa Monica NPR

Talk archives. The NY Times's lists this huge archive in its 'arts on the internet page'--the only radio station to be so listed. Audio archives of "This American Life," "The Politics of Culture", "Left, Right and Center," etc!
KCRW--Santa Monica NPR

WHYY--Philadelphia NPR

Live: "Fresh Air", their (10AM-Noon E.T., M-F) "Radio Times" talk show, "Sunday Rounds", and "Le Show," "Radio Times" is archived. Often they forget to block a non-WHYY show from the internet & you can hear shows your local station doesn't carry, like "Tech Nation" or "On The Media."
WHYY--Philadelphia NPR


KPFA-Berkeley is Pacifica's embattled flagship station. Listen live to "Democracy Now", "Radio Nation", "Counterspin", and "Pacifica News", etc.
For the same shows 'on demand', go to Webactive

Explore other Public Radio webcasters--not all work on WTV & most are not talk:

CBC One (News & Talk) or CBC Two (Arts/Music)

Canada's public broadcaster. Their 'headiest' program is "Ideas" (9-10PM E.T., M-F) on CBC One; Topics are posted a month in advance. For the the best glimpse of Canada, try the call-in, "Cross Country Checkup" (Sun 4-6PM E.T., with topic posted by late Friday; also avail. 'on demand'). Note: These 2 shows run Sept-June.
CBC One and Two

BBC5--'The Talker.'

Amazingly fast paced commercial free talk (lots of sports too) from England. Try "Up All Night" which runs 9PM-1AM E.T., M-F. I use LTTN above, but the official link is: BBC5--'The Talker.'


BBC's 5 Min News Summary (Listen right here)

"A Prairie Home Companion" (from Minn. Public Radio)

A very interesting site! listen live here (5-7PM C.T. Sat.) or check the audio archives; new writing by Garrison; hear 'old time' sound effects while you read how they're done, etc.
Prairie Home Companion

[Old Time Radio Broadcasts (OTR)]

1. "When Radio Was," with Stan Freberg, (10PM-11PM E.T., M-F) on CKWW, Windsor -Detroit: "When Radio Was"

2."Those Old Radio Shows" (11PM-1AM M.T., all 7 nights) on Calgary's CHQR ('QR77'): "Those Old Radio Shows"


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