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By Diana Lewis
(May 23, 1999)

Your newsletter is one of the items I look forward to and read "cover to cover". It is more important to me than the daily newspaper, as it addresses specific stories of interest to the "web experience". It provides a forum for those who generally do not post their feelings, ( like me ). and allows one to express their opinions anonymously, or not. It is truly "vox populi".

The poll of today was needed, badly needed. It is with the greatest of hope that the results are forwarded on to Mr. Perlman, as there is little doubt in my mind that the results will defy his incomprehensible statements to the media.

As a marketing person, and one who is willing to give him the benefit of doubt; I can only hope that it is lack of education and common sense that compelled him to make such a thoughtless, and idiotic, remark regarding his perception of how we use WebTV, and why we buy it. ( As an elderly friend on a low fixed income said to me when I told her about Mr. Perlman's great insight, " Well, why did I go out and spend my money on a WebTV when I don't even have cable TV?" ) I think the term would be "it's the internet, stupid!" Why would anyone want to "enhance" their TV viewing experience? The mega manufacturers are already doing that!

Is he thinking of competing with four inch wide TV's, etc? He can't be thinking of competing with "cable giants"? The competition among cable TV purveyors is so fierce now that a newcomer would be eaten alive.....and a newcomer, he is! "Do what you know best" is a given in the marketing world. It seemed he knew the internet best and was on track. Now, like most failures, he is "killing the goose that lays the golden eggs". Hope he enjoys his stuffed goose dinner, it will be his last.

One final comment that I think needs to be addressed. WebTV is the answer for the bedridden , or those who cannot sit at a computer for long periods of time. After all, TV was all we had and that was mind-numbing and intellectually useless. Does Mr. Perlman know that "day traders" are backing up their computers with WebTV because of the speed? And they aren't watching TV or looking for "enhanced TV enjoyment". Bet something as creative as that has never entered that brain of his.

Diana Lewis

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