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Jill's Cyberdelic Heaven - Gifs & Stuff

By nobells
(May 23, 1999)

[Jill's webpage contains not only celestial gifs with spinning multi-colored moons or sparkling shooting stars, or glittering numerous other gifs, but edible gifs, spooky gifs, and fantasy gifs such as wizards, mermaids and fairies. But stop, she received Dr. Draac's award for her help pages which include backgrounds, lines, bars and much more! Check out the Anne Geddes gifs also!--ck]

Jill resides in Connecticut with her three children...5 year old Sara, 15 month old Christian, 5 month old Haley, Brian, (dad) and their dog "Elmo." According to Jill, she works in the medical records department for a well known home care company that provides oxygen equipment and respiratory therapy. "I love my job because I spend many hours on the computer!" she said. "I am still fairly new to the computer world, and learning new things all the time."

She received her WebTV unit in December of 1997 as a Christmas gift from Brian's mother. "It was an awesome experience getting online for the first time. I had never even used a computer before with the exception of practicing typing and the basics. It opened up a whole new world to me, and I can honestly say it changed my life. I can not even begin to describe how much I have learned about technology, people, etc."

And like many users, she liked the easy Internet access on her TV set. "I wanted a WebTV because it was 'neat,' affordable, and I could have Internet access on my TV. It turned out to be much more than that...a very rewarding experience. I have made many friends, and spent many, many hours learning HTML, teaching, sharpening my thinking skills, typing, and taking in all kinds of information. Like many others, I had also fallen into the 'addicted' trap, and have had to cut my online time down drastically. Between my children and family and also going back to work, I have my hands full. My Mom is terminally ill and I try to spend as much time with her as possible. Lately, my e-mails have been piling up (about 70 a day) and it takes me quite a while to get back to people, but my friends understand!"

Jill is enthusiastic about others benefiting from her homepage. "I have had about 5,000 hits to my personal home page since October, and double that to my gifs pages. I have many plans in store for all of my pages, but am looking to change servers if 'Tripod' does not improve. I can not get in to edit anything whatsoever, or upload any new gifs! It is very frustrating. I learned everything from Dr. Draac, (Love him!), the HTML newsgroup over in alt.discuss, and random tutors I've found on the net."

Jill shares thoughts and gives advice to newbies. "Dr. Draac is a god-send, and an inspiration to anyone with a desire to code HTML, or add a little color to e-mail. The secret is to learn from step one and absorb it! Don't skip right to the complicated stuff, and expect to be spoon-fed the how-to's. It takes time and patience. Anyone can learn."

And she is upset to see child abuse of any form on the Internet and or in real world. (As we all do too!) "I miss my friends in alt.discuss.activist.against.child.pornography as well but have had to slow down and take a breather from that too. There are many disgusting and disturbing things that go on in cyberspace, and the sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a very real, harsh reality. I have spent a lot of time researching and debating over this topic since late 1998 when I became aware of this saddening truth. It made me sick and depressed for a long time, and I am still haunted by the things that I have seen and always will be. Usenet has seen some big busts in the last year, and you can thank the few caring individuals who have spoken their minds to the proper authorities for that! They know who they are...SMILE! Unfortunately, more people choose to ignore or close their eyes to the facts instead of speaking up and screaming rage."

Well, Jill certainly was adamant on that score and now takes a deep breath and talks more positively! "On a more positive note, the Internet is a giant land of opportunity and mental wealth. It is how you choose to use it. I enjoy my WebTV for all its worth and then some. For me it opened up a lot, and is worth every dime. People complaining about upgrades and bugs need to get on AOL for a day...:) They will realize what a good thing WebTV is!"

While most of us are or could be 'net addicts, we have to realize there is a real life and must give quality time to our friends and family. Unless, they are on the Internet at the same time! So Jill adds, "Once in a while, it is good to get outside though, breathe some fresh air, see life...the addiction can be strong, and not healthy after long periods! Some things you can't enjoy virtually, as much as you can the _real thing_."

[Community Editor's Notes: Congratulations Jill on receiving Draac's award. After looking at your page, we can see why! What abundant and sparkling and oh yes, spooky gifs, you have!--ck]

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