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Kdog313's Internet Poetry Society

By smlfry
(May 23, 1999)

[Kdog313 has built a beautiful webpage and invites anyone with creative musings to visit and post their poetry, stories or speeches at the cafe! You don't have to be a member to participate! He also has links to some of the best sites on HTML!--ck]

Building a website has become the ultimate form of self-expression. If done properly, it will reflect the various personality facets of the individual. In this case, Kdog313 has succeeded not only in expressing his own creative talents, but also in establishing a forum for others to share their works and also to express themselves.

Kdog was born in Detroit, Michigan. After the death of his grandfather, he moved to Peoria, Arizona, to live with his grandmother in order to help her and to build a life there. He was given a car, a room of his own, structure in his life, and rules to live by. By his own admission...and like most youth... he hadn't really appreciated the things his grandmother instilled in him until he lost her to emphysema. Since both grandparents died of this dreaded disease, he has seen how devastating this can be...both to the victim and the family.

After her death, he lived on in the house alone. There was no reason to move since he was living quite well on the inheritance. It was the time to party and enjoy life. After about a year, he and his sister...who still lives in Detroit and had power of attorney...sold the home.

Not wanting to go back to Detroit, he moved in with a friend and his family. It was during this time he met his girlfriend. They moved to San Bernadino, California (where her father's family lives) and are now expecting their first child. (Please let us know when the baby arrives!)

Kdog purchased his WebTV in December of 1998 and has been "hooked" on it ever since. He first checked out "E-feds" (fantasy wrestling) and found it to be a good pastime. But it wasn't until he discovered HTML that he found the perfect outlet for his creativity. He has helped with webpages on Tripod and Angelfire, and also has an extensive list of useful "help links" on his website. But his pride and joy is his creation of the IPS. (Internet Poetry Society)

Poetry and creative writing have always interested Kdog. So it was quite natural for him to form a group with the same interests. At IPS, they share daily poetry and comments. The group welcomes anyone interested to post and join the group at the Cafe. (But you don't have to become a member.) It doesn't matter if you are "new" or have been published. The poetry subject matter is as varied as the mood of the poets...and quite beautiful. Kdog stated, "My IPS members are the most important of my 'Internet friends.' They are very supportive and caring. The poetry they write shows their character each and every day!"

It certainly was my pleasure to read through the writings of the group.

And be sure to check out his other webpage at DogWorld313 which contains music links, WebTV help links, trivia and sounds!

[Community Editor's Notes: Kdog, you have such a wonderful page on poetry. Such talented members!--ck]

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