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Better Homes and Websites
Better Homes and Websites

By Net4TV Voice
(May 23, 1999)

Wine, song and coloring books! Our Better Homes also take us to Scotland, to a movie premiere, and of course, to another great WebTV Help site -- all made by WebTV users!

Wine Dining
Richard Reichart wrote us a wonderful wine Surfari for Net4TV Voice -- now, he expands on the entire area of "Wine Dining." Full-bodied, with a rich texture, and a wonderful lingering aftertaste that will draw you back for more. Salut!

Kat's WebTV Help
Looking for great WebTV help links, are you? Kat has drawn together a terrific and ever-growing set of links to all kinds of helpful WebTV pages. Add your favorite links to her site, too!

A Celtic Heart Remembers
Are your family's roots in Scotland? WebTV'er Renfrew took a journey into genealogy and created a site with wonderful resources for all of us with a little Scots in our veins.

Buck Babies Coloring Pages A - Z
If you've got a printer for your WebTV, you'll never again lack for something fun your kids! Bobbie Justus-Buck has put together a wonderful and colorful list of hundreds of WebTV-printable coloring pages, and has even marked the ones that can't be accessed when the Kid-Friendly restriction is set. Bookmark it for every rainy day!

John T, George L, Bernie, The Movie Premiere and Me
If you enjoyed the Retired Esquire's memoir about meeting Joe Dimaggio, surf on over to this new site for his tale of a movie premiere with a few people you may recognize.

WebTV Karaoke Party
Follow the bouncing ball! WebTV can play a MIDI Karaoke format, and this is a good collection of songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's, some traditional favorites, disco and kid's tunes, and Beatles! Let's party!

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