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More 2.6 Concerns

By Vox Pop
(March 6, 2001) - I can now get the first page only. The pages after that read "null" or are blank. - I can now get the first page and link to their 'Aston Martin' page. Beyond that, it's a blank.

JBifford uses links built from JavaScript and Dynamic HTML. Very fancy, but very incompatible with old-style browsers. Likewise, Ford is using some JavaScript tricks that are apparently beyond WebTV's ability.
Net4TV Voice Staff

Hi "" --------Just received new upgrade and rather dissapointed as downloads re portfolio etc. takes more than twice as long. Hopefully this will be corrected. (Have an old plus)
Doug Dryden

I got the new upgrade two days ago. When I was offered it, I declined. Then I went on your site and read about what would be available. I was leery, because the last time I took the upgrade, I was very disappointed in the performance of my games, especially Taipei. The next day, I was offered it again and decided to take a chance. I accepted it. BIG MISTAKE!!! Since then, it has been VERY slow with whatever I choose to go on. Even the news! You said that you wanted to know if any of the "bugs" had been fixed? From what I have seen and tried, the answer to that would be a resounding "NO"!!! The only thing I like is the PIP feature. The rest, like the buddy list and the video just doesn't work. I tried to make a buddy list, and with every name I submitted, I was told that they were not connected to MSN, so I can't use that. Is it possible to go back to what I had before this so-called "upgrade"? I also wrote a message to whoever sent the upgrade, telling them the jist of what I have told you. And before you write back and ask if I "turned off" the messenger, I already have. I just want to be able to enjoy my Webtv like I did before. No more upgrades, if it means having to wait to be retrograded all the time. Please let me know if I can even be retrograded this time. I hope I can! Thank you.

I had to abandon this idea. If you notice the screensaver webtv logo in the lower right hand corner. Time continues to slow down. I feel so stupid for paying my bill this month. I am banging my head saying "How could I fall for this again?"


Hello Net4TV Staffers,

I accecpted the new upgrade last night, ( fri.2-23 ) and already I'm seriously thinking about retrograding.

Certain pages seem to be able to view now,but overall I think it's slower than before. I think they still have some javascript problems to take care of.What kind of comment's are you receiving from other users ? I really enjoy the fine work you all do to keep users posted about things going on, please keep up the great work.

David W

I had to abandon this idea. If you notice the screensaver webtv logo in the lower right hand corner. Time continues to slow down. I feel so stupid for paying my bill this month. I am banging my head saying "How could I fall for this again?"

Upgrade slow load. This is theory of relativity surfing. Time slows down to where one minute seems like an eternity. "For more than one minute should read "The publisher of that page kept you waiting for eternity" That conveniently shifts the blame to the publisher, not webtv.

Dear Net4TV,

I accepted the new WebTV 2.6 Upgrade for the Plus and found a few bugs that probably need to be reported.

JavaScript applications have been affected in an adverse manner:

Scripts that previously allowed me to access history and browser info do not seem to work anymore.

I also had a script for a simple html editor that doesn't seem to work either.

The access logs at my web site server are now "information that WebTV can't use"...

On a positive note, my "back" button seems to be working properly now.

Sincerely yours,

Rob Jones

From: Net4TV Voice Staff

Thank you, Rob,

I'd love to know, if you figure out, what is causing the failure for your HTML editor. We will be collecting a bug list, and yours are some of the first. JavaScript, especially, requires knowledgeable reporting. BTW, what sort of files are your access logs?

Thanks again,


Net4TV Voice Staff

Dear Dudette,

Thanks for taking the time to look into this matter.

I did a little bit more investigating and learned that the JavaScript problems I mentioned before only seem to occur on pages that are hosted by Angelfire.

After transloading the same pages to Geocities the JavaScript performs exactly as it did before the upgrade.

The access logs I mentioned is just your basic text file and has the url path .../domain-logs/access-log

However, when I add a slash ( / ) at the end of the directory path, the page displays but now in a non-monospaced font that is not normally associated with .txt files.

I also noticed a glitch with Window Media streaming audio files:

The audio file will begin to stream but will suddenly stop, and a M-21 pop-up will display an "information WebTV can't use" message.

Also: the "back" button fix I reported earlier is still a problem, but does not occur as often as it did before the upgrade.

I know these bugs are relatively benign and most have simple workarounds but they persist nevertheless.

Rob Jones Music

I got the new upgrade yesterday but find it disappointing! Oh, now I can move the picture-in-picture to four corners (but the scroll function doesn't consider the area being blocked); the streaming stuff has a new format (but the jumpy sound and focus makes for an unpleasant experience); the IM has a different look also, but I haven't found a compelling need to use IM; the system response seem slower when connecting and surfing web pages.

My main complaint is I still cannot access my bank site and credit card site because of browser incompatibility.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think the upgrade was worth the effort and time I put in to accept it. Would having the newer "Plus" unit make me happier?

John Colannino

Here is copy of what I just sent to webtv :

since taking the 'update' Thursday evening 2/22/01 I am completely prohibited from getting to a server -


port 6667 - room senior-citizens


is this a new 'feature' to keep webtv going to ONLY talkcity? and since taking the 'update' system is SLOWER than before! just getting from home page to mail page takes so long I get 'that page kept you waiting for more than one minute' - then maybe if I get to mail page - it takes even longer to show ANY messages and then when I have been able to click on a message - it won't load -


I have had the upgrade for a few days now and I still sse the old messages "this is information that webtv can't use" or "webtv can't find that page". A new message started coming up about cookies and I refer you to the pic below. This happens when I try to access my personal web pages. I have written support several times but I keep getting the generic idiotic reply that is not even related to my problem followed by another generic idiotic reply two days later. I have also noticed extremely slow loading problems. So slow that my usual site like and sometimes just won't load at all and I have to abandon the idea even with reloading three or four times. I am learning that I can go clean the kitchen or sweep the floor while waiting for webtv load if it does load. I plan to buy a computer next month even though they have problems too. I love webtv but I think it is in the wrong hands. All I want to do is surf the web, build web pages, listen to audio and watch video. Is that too much to ask? I think so.

Dave C.

Okay while thie upgrade is kinda cool it lags me to death...My email takes longer to load and the im makes my chat room screen goes blank worse than before. I cant figure out how to move the pip and the lag really bugs me...But I think I said that already!!! If there is anything you can do about that DO IT!!! I'm not the only one with this problem...Then everyone says that the web now makes funny noises...

Please do something to fix this!!!

raine_dae still doesn't work even with the "upgrade".


Don't know if this if the right forum to complain, but I just received the 2.6 upgrade (old plus unit) and I can no longer access your solitaire site, which happens to be my favorite game site online. It just doesn't open now.

What do I do?

Thanks for your feedback.

Shula Zuckerman

WELL from what I have seen of the downgrade DONT ACCEPT IT !!! in the last month prior to the "upgrade" the server has beeen flowing like #6 oil, frozen , bad enough , sure but at least I have been able to use my mail ,,, I was offered the upgrade today, and stupidly took it,,, ( this morning , I was unable to connect at all... fially just gave up...) when i came back the upgrade was there , i took it , and after the 40 minute downgrade , i tryed to conect my[ to me secondary user ( my 1st choice) and for 2 hours count read or get into my mail ) nw 7 hours later , i read my mail , but setting up to send this , after clicking mail , took 14 minutes from mail to loaded ready to type message mail ...i recentkly cleared my cache and cookies , , GOOD thing , because wtv Zone page will not work anymore ... so forget your connection speed rates, cookie checking or deleating ,,, ummm lets see , after returning o use my webtv , it took me 27 minutes , of watching the light flash , to connect on line , first time in two years ... it took more than two trys to get online 14 dead minutes , wasted time and effort , webtv has always been living up to its rep , but now , 27 minutes to get on line 15 to open my mail page , rest assured , this is one MF'er who has finished with webtv;'s "service" what a crock of horse dung ... this whole write up is I pledge to pee in perlmans cereal ... every morning until the downgrade cease ...

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