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First Look
Phantasy Star Online

By Cooldude
(March 4, 2001)

On January 30, 2001 Phantasy Star Online for the Sega Dreamcast hit the stores. This is the game everyone has been waiting for. P.S.O. (Phantasy Star Online) is the first online role playing game on a game console. It has online multi-player features. The graphics are quite awesome. The music and sound effects are very good. .Phantasy Star Online opens up a whole new world for game players. This game could be Sega's Gold Mine. It is packed with everything it takes to make a smash hit.

Phantasy Star Online is more then a game. It's a community. When you enter online you may find people to team up with you from all over the world. You can also be on someone's buddy list by having them send you their Guild Card. Once they do that you can send them a instant message (Simple Mail) at anytime. That way you can always keep track of your online gaming buddies. With your buddy's guild card you can also find where they are on the game network.

There is no stopping the fun. Phantasy Star Online can even overcome language barriers. If you wish you may even speak to someone who speaks a different language and this game will translate your message for you. This feature is very useful sometimes. You can say "hi" in five different languages.

Phantasy Star Online is just simply the latest and the greatest in the Video Gaming World. You can battle monsters with a friend. You may also battle offline and level up your character. Both of these options are very fun. What do you want to do first?

Phantasy Star Online also provides a side scenario in online and offline modes. Instead of going in to the normal game story mode you may also go to a Hunters Guild and pick your own mission for your team or your self. This is fun for when you want game money to buy new weapons or something else for you or your team at the shop in the city. You can get game money every time you complete a mission at the Hunter's Guild.

Phantasy Star Online's graphics and movies are really a treat to view. They are very neat and entertaining. The movies and graphics are so good in fact that they give you something to look forward to in the game.

Here are some tips for those of you who already have P.S.O. to make multi-player fun for everyone. Do not take all the weapons and money after beating a part in the game. Share with your team. Look out for new players who do not know as much about the game.

My first impression with this game came with a lot of joy. It also gave me the feeling that this was the best game I ever played. I was surprised on how this game had so many features. In the future I will compare any game to this one before rating it in my mind.

I thought every game player or online friend needed a copy of this game. In fact I convinced other friends of mine to buy Phantasy Star Online. Now me and my friends form a team and play online together. A lot of gammers do the same thing.

If I were to rate this game one through ten on graphics, sounds and fun I would rate Phantasy Star Online a ten. This game looks very realistic and the graphics are very unique. The sounds and music in P.S.O are very good. This game truly is a masterpiece.

Most people who buy this game will enjoy it. It stretches the capabilities of the Sega Dreamcast to far distance. I would recommend this game to everyone out there. Have a nice day and I hope I gave you an idea of what Phantasy Star Online is like.

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