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Question About the Upgrade

By Vox Pop
(September 24, 2000)

I used to be able to switch to tv mode while loading a page on the internet (view button) and then return to the internet and find the page either still loading or loaded (through loading) Since the upgrade I can no longer do this. The second I switch to tv mode the page that was loading stops loading and must be reselected upon returning to internet mode. In other words, you must stay on internet mode to complete the loading of a selected page. I have retrograded and found no change. Upon calling webtv customer service I was told webtv does not support this function. Customer service allowed that I may have been able to do that in the past, but reiterated that "webtv does not support that function." Lots of other problems too, but "they are working on them." Do you by chance know if what the rep. told me is true? Sounds fishy to me that the loading function would all of a sudden (since upgrade) stop loading a page when switching to tv mode.

Thank you for listening.

Bryan Wilcox


Hmmm. I always flip over to the TV side while waiting to load pages. I did it this morning and it still works. Some sites use code that makes this not work. What you'll get is a blank page or sometimes you'll return to the previous page. This has been since the upgrade, in my experience.

Net4TV Voice Staff

i took the retrograde back down to the downgrade so i can watch movies. is there going to be a time that we can watch movies and have messenger. or are we going to have to live with the movies and not ever going to get messenger. WE WANT BOTH OF THEM. i have been a webtv member for yrs and really like it but you are now keeping up with the competition. why dont you sell out to aol and then just have one provider


AOL will be providing its own Internet settop box, AOLTV. I believe it supports an old version of QuickTime, but no streaming video, and no MPEG video. It does have AOL Instant messenger, though. You really don't wan't Microsoft to sell WebTV to AOL. It's better to have two competing companies. They will struggle to make their products better and we, the consumers will win. The problem so far is a lack of competition.

Dexter Davenport

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