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VoxPop: The Users Speak
Printer Woe, Part II

By Vox Pop
(September 24, 2000)

I have one question that has not been answered about the ptinter. Why does the words getting info from printer come on before anything happens. I took the retrograde and this did not happen. Any reason for this. Thank you so much.


Yes, there is a reason. With the 2.5 upgrade, WebTV changed the way printer drivers are stored. They used to be stored in the memory of your box.
Net4TV Voice Staff

Not entirely true! When I issue a 'Print' command to print your subject story, my HP670tv only prints the "voice" with background portion in color plus the headline in black text, "News Update: WebTV Says HP Bug Now Fixed". NO STORY TEXT AT ALL.

However, if I issue a "Print Screen" command to print the subject story, WebTV reformats, and my printer prints the "voice" with background portion in color plus the headline AND the story both in black text.

I opted to print text in black since day one and I have never had this happen, so I would say that the WebTV problem with the HP600 series printers is not yet fully resolved.

Joe Roche

Just a couple of weeks ago you wrote about the new WTV server side up grade. One of the things was how to change the color behind your html in the sig block. I have tried to relocte this but have not been able to do so. Did you write about this or someone else???



Hello got a question please.. I took the retrograde so that my printer would work... I have a 612C ...Will now that your saying they fix the printer trouble,Is there anyway to get the up grade back ,,,,The Web has been so slow about downloading site... I would really like to get the up grade back if I could......Thanks for any help you can give me.....


Go to the help screen from the Web Home page. Then look for Latest News. There should be an option for "Retrograding." Go to it. Using that option you can switch back and forth from the retrograde to the upgrade.

Net4TV Voice Staff

My HP400 printer seems to be working fine.

Are other users still getting the "page too big" glitch that I am? Very annoying. Is there something that us classic owners can or should be doing to correct or prevent it? Accepting the retrograde is not a viable solution. because the upgrade does seem to allow better access to some web sites, albeit still slow. But that "page too big" bug is a real pest.

Many thanks for your informative newsletter.

Harold Roth

One thing I have learned from working at Circuit City is to check all possibilities for the malfunction at home, then call "tech support" before buying anything new. I so the following checklist before I panic...

1) Check to make sure the printer is plugged in.

2) Make sure the printer is actually turned on.

3) Make sure the printer cables are tight and in good shape.

4) Make sure the printer ink cartridges are in place correctly.

5) Run the printer through a print or cleaning cycle. If it prints a test page, the problem is not with your printer.

6) If 1 through 5 don't work, call tech support before even thinking of replacing expensive equipment.

It's very embarrassing to find out that your printer isn't working because someone has unplugged it to use the outlet.


Thanks! This is actually good advice. I remember hooking up a VCR to my TV. I couldn't figure out why no sound was coming out of the TV. I double checked all the cables. I thought there was probably something wrong with my VCR. My friend, who is not as savvy about these kinds of things helpfully suggested that "Maybe the mute is on." I humored her and checked it. Sure enough, it was the mute. Goes to show, even "experts" can have simple things overlooked.

Dexter Davenport

HP bug is NOT fixed for the 660c printers. After repeated phone calls to Webtv about the problem...they admit to still be scratching their rearends about the problem. The error message indicates NO DRIVER. Does anybody at Webtv know Mr. Gates' phone number to ask for some help? This is ridiculous. Sounds to me like they don't want to fix the problem.

Any Advice??????

This has been going on since the last upgrade. Why should we take the retrograde just because they have some "DING DONG" in charge of fixing (NOT) this problem?

Hope you don't get AMY at the Webtv help line. She doesn't give two sh___ if you stop using Webtv!!!!!!!

Hurray for the MODSQUAD. Who got the award for this up-grade? Maybe they'll end up living next to Gates for it!!!!

Will anybody care that we can't print????


Yes, we care, and WebTV has said they care. We have set up a printer bug reporting form where you can enter your printing problems. We will give WebTV direct access to this information in the hopes that it will let them hunt down printing problems and solve them. If you know other people with a WebTV and printer problems, let them know.

Dexter Davenport

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