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VoxPop: The Users Speak
Printer Woe, Part 1

By Vox Pop
(September 24, 2000)

They may have fixed the HP printer bug but now my Canon printer won't work but one time and then I have to go to the switch user and come back in before it prints a second time. Seems like when they fix one thing, they mess up another. When will they ever get things straightened out? My back button is messing up too. Oh well, what else could I expect. Thanks for letting me bend your ear.


I am a subscriber and appreciate your work. Was sweating it out on the printer malfunctions until I read your explanation. Then, it was just patience until "they" had it fixed!

However, I have another irritating problem with my HP Plus Webtv. I can't respond like I am doing to you when in a NG! Nor can I write an e-mail! The page comes up when I press Write but not the To: ! I have tried to outwait it but to no avail! I tried to shut everything off for a while then it worked the first time. Later times when I tried to shut it off and then get into WRITE it did NOT work.

Is this happening to others? What should I do? I will phone 1-800-go-webtv since I believe that is the number to the techs??? Having this problem eliminates my ability to communicate to friends and relatives around the world! So it hurts!

Any help you can recommend?

Frustrated and tired fan of Net4 but still in the game ( ---i hope---)

Ulf Kahn from the Seattle area

NOT!!! I bought a new HP 932C......The screen comes up then bam! my whole unit shuts off!!!! So much for progress! But I still WILL NOT give up my WEBTV!


This Article was sent to me, I assume because I mentioned that I am still having a problem with getting my printer to work!

FYI, I have the HP670 made by HP for the Sony Plus. I ordered direct from Sony..

So that there will be no mistake in this matter my printer is not working as it should, it goes thru all kinds of series with the flap upwindow, and sometimes it may go on, BUT 98% of the time, it does not and does not print color if it should print!!

I have called Webtv, do I have to tell anyone the ans. I re'cd? One was "Buy a new Cable at Radio Shack" and another "Don't you realize that parts wear out?" What kind of ridiculous garbage are these "robots" giving us? I for one am sick and tired of their mistakes or glitches or whatever they are called being blamed on us, the customer, most of the time.

But I suppose if our complaints are not registering anywhere then what does Microsoft have to lose?

Your ideas to help me, not only with the printer problem, but the telephone reconnects which are fast and furious, would be appreciated!


We are working fast and furious to help WebTV identify problems. When you let us know, we let them know. Of course you should always let them know first as they are the ones who can actually fix the problem. But we understand that getting through the clutter with the customer service representatives is a chore.

Net4TV Voice Staff

They have ithe printers back running but the upgrade printer bugs are not fxed at all. It is so slow and always wants to stop in the middle of printing. Just lke it has no power and takes forewver to even get started on the plus models. Very digusting! Why were they even fooling with the printers unless thye were going to make them more efficient and not slower and messed up more than theywere already!!


I purchased an HP 612C printer today and was unable to get it to work. Web TV customer service tells me that there is a problem with "all HP 600 series" printers that they are attempting to fix. No date, of course, when this might occur.

This is the letter I sent to Web TV:


Having just purchased an HP 612C printer today and finding out, after the fact, from your tech support that these printers don't work at present, I must ask why, in God's name you don't make this information readily available?

I think it is realistic for me to ask WHEN, if ever, this problem will be corrected and expect a honest answer from you.

Should I return the printer I purchased on your word that it would work? And is it not reasonable for me to expect some credit to my account for this inconvenience that I am experiencing due totally to your lack of candor, such as the hundred dollars I obviously wasted today?

I await your response.


   Kent V. Dragoo


So please be advised that this problem is not fixed, Web TV was apparently not truthful to you and who knows when, if ever, it will be fixed.

Kent V. Dragoo

My printer [a CANON BJC 2000] was given to me this past Christmas, I have been away June July and Aug. get home and the printer does not work....

I get on line and others are saying the very same thing the printer does not work.....

It is practically brand new and yet it does not work.....

I have plugged and unplugged and dusted by blowing on it and tried every thing, to no avail....

Do you know why some of our printers are all of a sudden not working on our Webby's?


Yes. WebTV screwed up the printer drivers. They are working on fixing it, but they seem to be having problems. Previously, printer drivers were stored in your box. Now they are loaded from the WebTV server. The advantage to this is they made more room in the box's memory for other features. Be sure to visit our Printer Bug Center


Net4TV Voice Staff

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