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VoxPop: A Reader's Opinion
Paul's Master Marketing Plan for ITV

By Paul
(September 24, 2000)

I would market WTV to small businesses. Those without computer skills or budgets. Especially home businesses.

Nursing homes would be another target. Because the fixed income situation. You can point out that six residents can share the expense quite affordably.

Let us for forget churches and schools. A great way have net access in classrooms. No need to train sunday school teachers.

WTV could offer another sevice package. Where they pay for basic service and so much per user. Especially nice for class rooms and nursing homes.

The infomercial would follow Web TV in and around the home. Show the family enjoying interactive tv in living room.

Show another being used in children in their bedroom. Break away to the nursing home where grandma is e-mailing them.

Then show show dad using Web TV in his den. Checking sports scores or shopping for a family car.

Now mom has just finished paying bills and online banking. Uncle Marty came to visit. Show him using one in his RV. He could planning his next trip.

We could show one being used in sunday school. Another being used in a business. You get the picture.

I would real Web TV users. They could be pointing their uses. Besides the depictions shown in the commercial.

WTV should offer home party sales plans. Similar to those used for home interior. A host could be rewarded with free service.

Microsoft should design two new models. Both with mouse ports, hard drives and a storage device (IE floppy, zip?). The one should be a laptop style unit.


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