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VoxPop: A Reader's Opinion

By Sean Dixon
(September 24, 2000)

WebTV's "Customer Service" is the rudest and most unprofessional group that I have EVER seen--and I used to be a Customer Service trainer for a large retail chain's call center and a bank, so I've seen some BAD service reps.

The WebTV reps are interruptive, often use a snotty tone, and have at times REFUSED to transfer me to a supervisor. One even hung up on me, which is grounds for termination in the customer service industry--but not, apparently, at WebTV. You can't even go to the supervisor's supervisor, also an unusual feature of WebTV's call center.

I've started a list at called "Burn WebTV" for victims of WebTV's customer service, and I'm saving up for a computer from or compaq's new net applaince (go to which is lightyears beyond WebTV.

WebTV doesn't deserve me, or anyone else, as a customer.

Sean Dixon

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