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Dee's Graphic Excitement

By CountryBlue22 aka Linda
(September 24, 2000)

[Here are some exquisite and rare gifs for WebTV users and computer users alike. Dee's wondrous webpage contains graphics such as animations, snowglobes and egg globes, domes on angels, fairies, birds, unicorns, farm animals and more. She offers up backgrounds and corner backgrounds. Also, she has created awards for you to give to others! Be sure to check out her Looney Tunes page. Very creative!--ck]

In this issue, I would like to put the spotlight on Dee. If you use this link, Meet Dee, you will be able to see how beautiful she is, and learn more about her personal life. She was born and raised in the great state of Texas.

Dee lives in Texas, and loves to see the Bluebonnets. She describes herself as a "Country Bumpkin" at heart, and says she was a tomboy while growing up. This is what she says about that. "My first love was raising and breeding dogs. When I was younger, at age 13, my father built me a race track for motorcross, and I raced a Yamaha 125cc motorcycle 'till I was 16. I was a tomboy...LOL. I was always breaking the rules. Other 'country' girls were learning to cook and clean. I was on the football team, raced dirt bikes, and broke horses for a short time." :)

For fun (before WebTV), I used to do arts and crafts, plastic canvas, needlepoint and such, and worked in the yard planting flowers, trees, and building garden ponds complete with lily pads. Now I spend my time on the Internet, and working on new and very rare graphics."

I find it hard to think of anyone this active, who played on a football team, as being shy. But she says she was painfully shy, and that WebTV has changed all that. She told me, "I would have to say that WebTV opened my eyes to the world! I've met people from all over the world, and watched other friends talk. I have really worked on, and improved, my communication skills. In public, and in my personal life, I have gotten out more, and have made several friends. (Especially in the electronics department of Wal-Mart. LOL) So, I credit the Internet and WebTV for teaching me there is more out there than me. I truly believe that with the Internet, I can, and do, make a difference. That makes me rich in so many ways."

She said she would like to thank her wonderful husband, Mike, for teaching her HTML. He was a manager at Wal-Mart, and spent long hours on the job. This left her with lots of free time on her hands and she was very lonesome. Then one day, he brought her home a WebTV unit. She says, "It took me a while to learn HTML, and I swore to myself, that when I learned it, I would help as many people as I could. (So they wouldn't have to go through the same problems as I did). On an average day, I spend about 6 hours online. I get excited every time I get close to making a page, hence the name, Graphic Excitement. I have been known to grab my coffee cup and stay online for 24 to 36 hours at one time. I am totally addicted!" LOL.

Dee continues, "I opened up a simple webpage at Angelfire, called 'Inspirational Reflections.' Each page was dedicated to a special friend I had made, with the help of this little black box! I made a promise to myself that I would help as many people as I could. So they could avoid having to go through the many nights, feeling stupid, and crying over the fact that they 'couldn't do it.' Hence the nic, 'friend4free.' Unfortunately, after a years worth of work, it was hacked and destroyed."

6 months and 4 WebTV units later, she wanted something more. So she bought herself a computer. Four months ago, she opened up She said she only had one thought..."I am going to make this site for every WebTV user out there! For all those WebTV users that found that 'perfect' image and couldn't click on it!" To this day, if it doesn't look right on WebTV, she won't use it. She still uses her WebTV unit everyday.

Dee offers this excellent advice to the newcomers to WebTV. "There is a great big world out there, mixed with different opinions, and likes and differences. Don't take everything serious, or let one bad apple run you away. Once you think you've seen and done it all, there is a new door opening. Never give up. That is true in the Internet world...and also in life."

Dee also had these parting comments to say. "My life has changed, in so many ways, due to WebTV. I have made lifelong friends, helped thousands of people, and grown to love myself more! But the one thing I want most for people to know, is this. I might have a large site, and be very busy working with it. But I'm never too untouchable to help, or to take time out, to lend a helping hand."


[Community Editor's Notes: What a glorious and stunning collection of rare gifs. The snowglobes and egg globes and domes were exquisite! The "kitty" dome and the rosebud heart were especially artistic. Your webpage was delightful!!!-ck]

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