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VoxPop: The Users Speak
Customer Service Woes

By Net4TV Voice Readers
(July 16, 2000)

Oh... yes! The "We DON'T Care" phenomenon. I think all of us [subscribers] can relate to this story. I certainly have had my share of horrific stories to tell also.

BUT! Here's what I've done, and I STRONGLY suggest that each subscriber that has experienced any problems should do. CONTACT THE FTC (Federal Trade Commission, <>).

I did and related all of my problems with this newest "upgrade". I received a response stating "...that the FTC stores information and complaints about a company; and when it starts to receive a significant amount of complaints, it [FTC] starts an investigation..."

I URGE all of you to contact the and report your problems with WebTV! Then let's see what the "We DON'T Care" team reacts to a formal investigation.

This redicoulous I paid $95 dollars for new line $199 for a new P-M Webtv Plus, I will be paying double my phone line yet, we don't care decided to send me to the dumb help center message board and you will NOT be getting answer from We Care, really do you or don't you?

Net 4 voice put this on the dumb webtv we don't care list. Only after reading one of your letters did i find out the my classic was working fine and that their upgrade knocked out my call waiting, I called 1 800 Go Webtv was told it was my phone line that was at fault Bullshit, so I did the above for nothing.

Message From: (The Automatic Reply for wecare)
Date: Wed, Jul 12, 2000, 8:50am (EDT-3) To:
Subject: your mail to <wecare>
Thank you for writing to the Help Center! In an effort to better help our customers, some changes have been made to this account. You will NOT receive answers to your questions from this account.

Retrograde????? What retrograde????? I have been on the phone with those ever nasty customer techs, and let me tell you what "I" was told last night (7/06/00). When I questioned the rep about wanting to do the retrograde... are you ready for this?!? I was told the retrograde was ONLY for the "old" Classics! That's NOT what was said by WTV last June 19th. They did not designate which users would be able to get this; rather, they indicated we all could get the retro if we wanted it. And boy! Do we want it! The 1st rep that I spoke with was sooo nasty. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and she "refused" by saying, "I will NOT(!) get my supervisor. Deal with me or get off the line!" Can you imagine????? If any of we subscribers were not on time with a payment, they'd stop the service. (Did I say service???) This is not any fun anymore... to the point that I'd like to toss the box and keyboard at a cement wall! When I asked for a credit, I got nowhere either with the billing rep. How can these people(?), (sub-humans) get away with treating us like this?

I'd like to get the FCC involved on this one. Does anyone have any ideas? I am going to contact the FCC and see what options we subscribers have.

Now it's time to take another tranquilizer!

P.S.: I am a "Plus" user. I cannot use the TV with this new upgrade. Most of those features do not work properly, i.e., I put in my cable info along with my zip code and set everything up. Should I wish to use the feature to bring up movies to select from that category.... I get ALL the cable and satellite listings. This around to approximately 200+ listings for a 4 hour period! Also, I have to manually dial-in for daily updates. My system quit doing that last weekend. Today I was watching TV through the TV option, and the whole system shut off. When I turned it back on, the time on the system was a "minus" 6 hours. So at 4:00 PM, it was telling me it was 11:00 AM, giving listing for the latter. After calling in, I was told to "set the system on a PBS chanel for about *5* hours....." NOTE: If it happens to any of you.... just disconnect the system for 30 minutes, and when it comes back on, tell it you moved. These so-called techs couldn't tell me that: I tried it on my own hunch.

I also have webtv and have not been able to enjoy it in over 5 weeks. Currently am sending things over to our computer to store and will more then likely disconnect the webtv by the end of the month. I've also tried to write (e-mail) webtv and of coarse they don't care enough about their user to have a workable e-mail for complaints ETC.


For anyone seriously interested in complaining to the proper source about the service you're paying for and NOT GETTING from WNI, I am providing the following info...

you can write to:

Consumer Response Center
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20580

check out

also check under their Products and Services list at the listing titled "Now Consumers Can Tell It To The FTC-Toll Free Alert" The list is in alphebetical order, so it's easy to find. Click on the word "text" for that listing, and you will find a complete set of instructions for filing a complaint by toll free phone number or by filling in the e-mail complaint form they supply. Not all the questions on the form will apply to your complaint....remember, it is a general form...but at the very bottom is a space where you can give details of your complaint. They explain that they cannot act on individual complaints, but when they receive multiple complaints that fall into a pattern, they act on it. Remember the Boston Tea Party? There's strength in numbers!'ll find lots of other interesting, useful info also at their website.
Name Withheld

Does WEBTV ever even see all the comments from subscribers ???? I can't believe how bad the customer noservice really is. A while back my phone are code was changed and I'll admit the phone company did not handle it very well but WEBTV's handling of the problem was as bad as it gets....after being told that it was a phone company problem and the phone company telling me they didn't do anything I figured out what had to be done to fix the problem. It took three calls to get someone who had any idea how to implement my fix...which was only to remove the area code from the calling numbers.

And I agree that there is never anything wrong with is always on the customer end.

And what really bothers me is the realization that this sort of problem is not unique to is common in the business world today.
James Mcleland

I just got a new suggestion from a WebTV customer service rep when I called for the third time regarding an E-mail problem where E-mails refused to forward. I have the older classic with the 2 ram memory and after going through and fielding the usual gauntlet of it's the phone lines lame excuses (It's not) and has nothing to do with E-mail, he bluntly said, "You just don't have enough memory in that old unit, go and buy the newer plus model" and then he hung up the problem of E-mail forwarding still not resolved, and instead given a fast hustle to try and buy a more expensive system. What a bunch of tripe!
Rich "Wrestler Hawk" Bodner

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