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A-l-l-l-l-l-ll Aboard Donna's Busload of Links!

By Catherine Kelley
(November 21, 1999)

[Donna Jacobucci, aka Jacboop, has a huge site, enough to keep one busy perusing it for hours! Why? She has a bus load of links and HTML help for all! You will find backgrounds, graphics, tools, instructional audio, printables, searches and more on her website! She is also a volunteer "Court Appointed Special Advocate" for abused and neglected children!--ck]

Donna is a 38 year old wife and proud mother of a seven year old child. She describes herself as "a stay at home Mom" but uses that term loosely because she is also a college student and a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children. "I'm not home as often as I'd like to be at times. My hobbies/stress relievers are playing the piano and playing with my WebTV."

This lady has tremendous energy! She works late at night into the early morning hours on her school work and writing up court reports. Remarkable! And during these hours, she takes breaks to play on the internet whether to build pages or "lurk" at alt.discuss.html. She adds, "My other alternative is banging on my piano, but my family probably wouldn't like that in the middle of the night. WebTV is much quieter...LOL!"

Like many of us, she received her WebTV (Classic) as a Christmas present. When her husband presented her with it approximately two years ago, she said that for the first year, she "only used it for e-mail and to occasionally surf the net. I had no idea what could be done on it! At that time, I only used it about 15 minutes per day!" (Oh, gosh, I remember using it right away for, five to six hours per day or more! Just a little addicted! LOL)

Now you have to realize that this could not possibly continue with Donna remaining in the dark about WebTV and what it can do! "Last New's Year's Day, I was the first person of the new year to subscribe to WebTV_1a. It's basically a help list for WebTV 'newbies' to learn how to do e-mail signatures and HTML pages. The terrific people of WebTV_1a opened up a whole new world for me! Not only did they provide me with vast HTML knowledge, they also provided most of the links on my Busload of Links page!

Donna is ever so grateful to a special person...Mr. Ed Simmons, who is a former WebTV_1a list member. She said that he provided her with "immeasurable one-on-one help with some of the more advanced questions. I like to think of Ed as being simply complex. He's a man of few words, but what he has to say, he says in a big way as you can see on his L.A. Kings Fan page."

So the birth of her Busload of Links was a necessity. "I had so many links - more than I want to count - in my favorite folders that I was having problems finding particular ones. I wanted to make the page reflect my personality in a creative way. After I found the 'city' gif, the rest just seemed to fall into place. The page is whimsical and functional at the same time... though, not too functional. I intentionally didn't table the categories because I thought I'm just not quite that organized of a person." (Oh, well, now we are on common ground, Donna! A kindred spirit!)

Donna's HTML categories include graphics, tools, instructional, audio, searches, many other "links" pages, printables and free webspace. "It's an on-going work that will probably be finished when I run out of space at Tripod!"

Donna's webpage was finally finished and opened to the public on June 20, 1999. Her page has received almost 15,000 hits in the past four months. "Man, I ought to be selling something! I suppose it can be called an international site because it's been viewed in ten other countries besides the United States. "Who'd have thought my page would go to places I only dream of going to...and it didn't take me with it!"

Of course, I just had to ask her about any complaints or compliments regarding this box! "I can't say I have many complaints about WebTV because it does so much more than I thought it could do when I got it. But, those bugs really BUG me! Patience with slow loading isn't one of my virtues. I do have dreams for WebTV such as more HTML capabilities, faster connection speed and....Do you think it's too much to ask to be able to download? Well, it'll probably download when it starts doing my school work. LOL!"

Lately, Donna can usually be found logged on anywhere from a half hour to 4 hours a night. "WebTV has become one of my main forms of entertainment and for the same price as a good meal each month, I say... serve it up!"

[Community Editor's Notes: What a collection of much to read and visit. Your instructional pages are wonderful! So nice of you to take us on a tour!--ck]


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