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Sluggy Freelance!
Sluggy Freelance: The Isle of Dr. Steve

By Pete Abrams
(October 9, 1999)

Take Riff, a brilliant young computer whiz (with a penchant for building weird and wonderful inventions that don't quite work as they were intended); add his graphics-designing buddy, Torg (whose good nature can't seem to keep him out of trouble) and their loyal but bewildered friend Zoë (who may be the only normal person in the Sluggy universe). Now mix in an adorable, sociopathic, switchblade-wielding mini-lop bunny. This is the recipe for mayhem, Sluggy Freelance-style. Garnish heavily with parodies of Star Trek, Alien, The X-Files, and other science fiction and horror TV shows and movies, and you've got the party mix for the new millennium! You've never seen anything quite like this!

FROM THE AUTHOR: Because she has become so popular so quickly, I'm proud to present the FIRST Sluggy Freelance Limited Edition T-Shirt: OASIS! Only available for a few weeks, get it while you can!

TWO WEEKS AGO:The Isle of Dr. Steve
{ [Full Week (long load-time)] [ [One at a Time]

Sluggy discovers Oasis is controlled by the evil (?) Dr. Steve and will do whatever he says - literally. She throws our hero in a cell (oh, that hurt!) and now bun-bun and kiki have to try and rescue him.

LAST WEEK:The Isle of Dr. Steve
[ [Full Week (long load-time)] | [One at a Time]

Oasis manages to fight off Dr. Steve's influence long enough to give Sluggy a brief history of her life. Turns out, Dr. Steve is her Uncle. Or is he? Is Oasis LYING to Sluggy?

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Raves and Reviews: Find out why so many love Sluggy so much.
Book Info: The quickest way to catch up on Sluggy is to have the first 8 months dropped off at your doorstep on dead trees! Pitch, pitch, pitch. Sell, sell, sell.
Sluggy T-Shirts: Pitch, pitch, pitch. Sell, sell, sell. I must be stopped.

Thanks to Laura Buddine and Net4TV Voice for letting me mess up their site with my junk!

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