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Newsgroups: It's Why I Left WebTV

By Net4TV Voice
(September 12, 1999)

These former WebTV users tell us that the newsgroup "calamity" is the reason that they left WebTV.

I used to have WebTV. but the newsgroup's got to violent, so I quit WebTV a bought a computer. It would be better if WNI Would let NON-WebTV members in the alt.discuss ng's.
Name Withheld

I was threatened with violence by another webtv user in the newsgroups. When I sent it to abuse, they sent me an email that said "if you don't like it, don't go there." So I sent him an email telling him that I was turning it over to the police and calling him an SOB. He sent it to abuse, and they sent ME a warning!

Oh, I got the message all right. I got a computer -- and an iMac -- not another f***** dime to Bill Gates and his so-called "service." One of these days real soon someone is going to file a lawsuit and get into the WebTV Compliance records, and woooo the media will have FUN!
Name Withheld

i left webtv because they let trolls ruin good newsgroups like alt.discuss.html. a bunch of trolls took over and webtv corp. would not do anything to stop them. if webtv corp would stop the trolls from ruining groups i would have stayed with webtv.
Bill Jones

While a WebTV subscriber I was an active newsgroup participant. I enjoyed the exchange of ideas and the commandery it offered. However with the growth of WebTV subscribers and WNI's casual attitude when it came to policing abuses I gradually became disenchanted. One of WebTV's greatest failings was to maintain a pleasant decorum within the alt.discuss hierarchy. This culminated with the no-rules hierarchy experiment which was a dismal failure. It's all right to disagree but the daily battles, vulgarities and threats created a climate that precluded the peaceful enjoyment of the forums. While it wasn't the prominent reason for leaving WebTV, it contributed heavily.
Craig Matthews - aka,ThreeCrosses

I just got another email from someone who was sickened by the crap that goes on in the alt.discuss newsgroups and they said that they are leaving. It has to do with the posting of family photos and Webtv not doing anything about it. I've been downloading MP3 files all day and probably will continue all night. Webtv just is not up to the standards that you can get on a computer. I will be saying goodbye soon too.
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