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WebTV 2000: The Year That Was
It was the best, the worst and the most interesting of times for WebTV, its users and the Internet in general. Join us in a look back at the year 2000 as we covered it here at Net4TV Voice.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

iTV 2000: Where Are We?
The long-awaited rollout of interactive television is still delayed, but why? We look at some of the factors holding up progress.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

Ratster's 'New Realities'
Ratster is looking at the state of the economy, and he thinks he knows the new businesses that will be hot for 2001. The New Realities?
[Published 12/31/00, Written by G. Nat URL]

Tidbits:Last-minute Surfing
It was the year that was, and we round out our Not Quite the News coverage with a collection of snippets from the World Wide Web including not-so-free ISPs, copyrights turned copywrongs, and those lying statistics give the video game industry pause for thought. All this and a WebLog, too, for the happiest of New Years.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

CES 2001: Ultimate TV, Internet Appliances and More
The Consumer Electronics Show is going on now, and it is a mixture of the real, the real soon now, and the imagined. Net4TV's Dexter Davenport reports from the show on the cool new toys that may soon be in your homes.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Dexter Davenport]

WebTV, HP Investigating E-Scanner Problem
Net4TV has learned that WebTV and HP are investigating an e-scanner glitch that may be causing some WebTV Plus units to lose scanning and video capture capability. Wait for the results before you buy. If you've already got a scanner, read our precautions, and if you've got the problem, help us find the answer!
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Dudette]

New Brooms in US Congress Plan Sweeping New Net Legislation
The new session of the US Congress has begun, and three new Internet-related bills have already been introduced. Will this be the Year of the Internet, or will party politics kill the bills?
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Nancy McPoland]

ImageMagick Lost? Nope -- Just the Address
When Net4TV's ISP made a change, it 'broke' the address for ImageMagick, and brought us a flood of email. But the site is OK, and here's what happened.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Dudette]

Tidbits: Y2K+1
Point and click parenting, departure of the DotComGuy, and brains for undead zombies (are there any other kind?) all in our tasty treats for the Last Millennium (that we'll ever see.)
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Nancy McPoland]


Freebies on the Net!
There are still some 'freebies' on the Net, if you don't mind giving out your email address. Dudette has a collection, and some advice before you sign up.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Dudette]

Smackdown: WebTV vs. AOLTV
The two heavy weights in the Internet settop field put on the gloves and duke it out in Part III of our AOLTV review. Who will be a champ and who will be a chump?
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Dexter Davenport]

Net4TV Presents: FITNET 73
Get up off the couch and let physical activity energize you for a new outlook on life!
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Tim Lane]

Hoax Report: Millennial Madness
From prophetic polling to icky envelopes, it's what's in our Hoax Inbox this issue, and we take a look at the latest harvest of scams, hoaxes and weirdnesss.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

Astronomy: The New Millennium
The Christmas eclipse was the premier event for backyard astronomers in 2000. The year 2001 will be just as great, beginning with a total lunar eclipse on January 9th.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by RainSong]

Add A Modem Rate
Button To Your Page

Do you ever wonder at what speed your WebTV has connected to the Internet? Add a button to your page and find out if you need to log off and then back on to get better response.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by GlimerMann]

Net4TV's Shopping That Works!
Want to shop online, from your WebTV or PC, and help Net4TV at the same time? Here's the place -- our WebTV-compatible shops!
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Dudette]

Introducing Neon Tech's
SurfReady Set-Top Box

The interface is intuitive and well laid out. The video quality and functionality of the DVD player is good. The browser does most everything right and provided for a fast and easy internet experience. The video telephony feature adds a good many points to this device as does the ability to send audio and video emails.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by James Waters]

Neon Tech SurfReady Comparison

[Published 01/07/01, Written by James Waters]

Supported Printers For The SurfReady

[Published 01/07/01, Written by James Waters]

Neon Tech's SurfReady Technical Specifications

[Published 01/07/01, Written by James Waters]

World Wide Web of Deceit: Web Order Scam
Always monitor any credit card accounts that you use online for unauthorized charges. Although it is unlikely that a hoax artist has access to your personal information, it's always better to be aware of charges being placed on your account.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by WebTV Addict]

Images, Colors, and Font Tips
Here are great tips on getting your images to load faster, display text when image display is surpressed, and how to add some spice to the text on your webpages.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Donna Hines]

Tips and Tools from Our Readers
There's storage on WebTV that we didn't even know we had, plus an envelope printing site. OptiMod and Dellsden share their tips and tricks.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by OptiMod and Dellsden]

Surfari: New Year's Gift
The Net4TV Voice staff felt all of our readers deserved a New Year's surprise. So here it is!
[Published 12/31/00, Written by RainSong]

Surfari: How To Use HTML (NOT!)
Here's your chance to laugh at the way other people have put their home pages together. After all, none of us would EVER do anything like these folksÉ.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Rogi Riverstone]


Jackie McCroskey aka Catgirl64
Jackie started by lurking in the "gifs" newsgroup; next she started playing in the sig box. This was followed by a time learning HTML. And after that, she hasn't stopped.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Bee]

BannerzRus - Just For You!
This site was created and is maintained by three people. Yes, you read that right, three people. And it's a perfect blend of their talents.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Bud]

Gizmo is as Gizmo Does
WebGizmo has set up his site for all people, not just the beginner but the seasoned webber as well. He has put together a collection of exciting tools and pages that can be accessed and used by anyone.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Linda Anderson]

Better Homes: Old Friends
This Better Homes and Websites features some old friends from the past. Check out the beautiful lighthouses (history, stories, etc.); sympathize with the Mom with twins; relish the unique audio-visual experience of Litewerks; wrap yourself up in the Log Cabin stories and relax with beautifully-designed collection of poetry, art, and music.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by RainSong]

Otater: Christmas 2000 Award Winner
Lori and her husband were shopping for a computer when WebTV was introduced to them. They bought it on sight and promptly had it up and running. Her exact words: "I love my WebTV!"
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Linda Anderson]

The Missing Keys Saved My Life!!
Fire! Our own Net4TV Voice producer tells the harrowing tale of her New Year's Eve, and how she got a day off, despite our production schedule. Don't try this at home!
[Published 01/07/01, Written by RainSong]

Captain Raider: a Fontiful Guy
Not only is the Captain the Icon of Font designs, he is a bartender, has managed several Philadelphia nightclubs over the last twenty or so years and he has a degree in Theatre from Marquette University.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Yvonne]

Mark and Carol, Soulmates and Caregivers
Mark and Carol found themselves facing what could have been a really difficult decision - how to properly care for her ill, aging parents. Unselfish love was the answer.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by nobells]


Welcome to Issue 73: Millennium Edition
Dexter welcomes you to the Millennium Edition of Net4TV Voice, reflects on the bust, promises made by WebTV, and the arrival of AOLTV.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Dexter Davenport]

New Year Resolutions for 2001
Dexter is tired of making New Year resolutions that he has no intention of keeping. So instead, offers his list of resolutions for politicians, companies and other organizations in the "New Economy."
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Dexter Davenport]

Will 2001 Bring the End of 'Free?'
We're accustomed to everything on the Net being free. But the bursting of the Internet bubble has many sites dying, and lots of others scrambling for ways to make money. What will it mean for you in 2001?
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Dudette]

Hasten Slowly
Uncle Bob guides you through the maze of DSL, a broadband connection anywhere from several to dozens of times faster than a standard dial-up modem. Like everything else, it has its drawbacks.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by Uncle Bob]

Putting The Voice In Voice
Net4TV Voice Reviews Editor James Waters shares his thoughts about Net4TV Voice and answers questions he's been hearing.
[Published 12/31/00, Written by James Waters]

VOX POP -- Reader Opinions

Just the FAQs
You've got questions? Here are some that we get on a regular basis -- your answers may be here.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Dudette and Net4TV Voice Readers]

QOW: Holiday Traditions
In our Question of the Week, we asked "what are your holiday traditions?" Most of you were too busy enjoying them to answer, but a few folks did take the time to share.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

Is WebTV Losing Its Retailers?
Patrick Shannon has some insight into why WebTV doesn't seem to be growing.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Patrick Shannon]

The CS Runaround
Jadee bought a new Classic... and then the runaround began.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Jadee]

Warning! Blue Mountain Arts Violates Privacy Policy
"Ghostly Gwennie" has caught BlueMountain Arts with its hand in the spam jar.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Ghostly Gwennie]

There Is a Santa Claus, But...
Randall K sent us this concerned letter about Santa...
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Randall K]

Restoring the Balance: Our Dependence on Machines
Big Bubba sees a lack of balance between man and machine in both the theft of credit card information from the Net, and the voting machine story.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Big Bubba]

Thoughts for the New Year
JaxRed answered our Question of the Week on New Year's Resolutions with a beautiful and thoughtful column that truly made us feel thankful.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by JaxRed]

Here's a sampling of our mail we've received since our last VoxPop update.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

QOW: New Years Resolutions
In our Question of the Week, we asked about your New Years Resolutions. Here are the ones we received.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

RE: WebTV vs AOLTV Smackdown
Our 'Smackdown: WebTV vs AOLTV 'got a lot of readership, and a good amount of mail.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

RE: My Correspondence with Dennis Reno
Dave_2001 shared with us his correspondence with Dennis Reno and it sparked this feedback.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

RE: The Elections
We thought they'd never end -- but they did bring us some interesting letters.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

Other Questions and Issues
Here are some of the other questions, issues, problems, and ideas we're hearing.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

What About the DishPlayer?
The DishPlayer users are feeling really left out, and we don't blame them.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

RE: Rumors and Changes at WebTV
Our story on Rumors and Changes at WebTV had our highest readership during the holidays, and here's some of the mail.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

Opinions: Changes and Glitches in the WebTV Service
We're receiving a number of opinions on the latest changes in the WebTV service.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

Upgrade 'Fix' Didn't Fix Things
The WebTV users tell us that the 2.5.5 upgrade 'fix" didn't fix things.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

E-Scanner Feedback
We were flagged to some of the problems with the HP e-scanner by our Net4TV Voice readers.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

RE: The Mushroom Joke (Newsgroups)
A few of our readers had comments on Rusty Shackleford's 'The Mushroom Joke (Fix our Newsgroups).'
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

RE: WebTV-Compatible Shopping
We asked for your feedback on shopping. and we were delighted to receive these comments and recommendations.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

RE: Freebies
Our story about Freebies on the Net brought us this mail from our readers.
[Published 01/07/01, Written by Net4TV Voice Readers]

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