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WebTV Releases Client 2.5.5 and Server-Side Update for Shopping
WebTV has released it's 2.5.5 client update that is comprised of bug fixes, and its server-side update that has added the Microsoft Passport Wallet and some new centers.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Booths, Bimbos and Brain Surfing: A Look at Comdex 2000
Comdex is a twenty-year-old extravaganza of booths, "bimbos" and bright new stars on the computing horizon. The greatest show on Earth, if you're a geek.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

AOL Loses Ground in Instant Messaging Race
The 800 pound gorilla must have gone on a diet, or so a study shows, as new figures on Instant Messaging membership show America Online's commanding lead dwindling as rivals Yahoo! and Microsoft close the gap.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

The Buzz: A Threat to iTV
Back in Mountain View, Nat discovers that there's a threat to a core piece of iTV. Will this set back everything that Microsoft has been working for, or is there a clever way to snuff it out before it blows?
[Published 11/19/00, Written by G. Nat URL VII]

Tidbits: Counting by Godot?
Time out from the endless waiting on election recounts? Check out some of what's been happening elsewhere on the Internet, and some election-related humor, too.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

WebTV Enforces Trademark Against WebTV4You User Site
In an effort to protect its trademark, WebTV has ordered Robert Angle, creator of WebTV4You, to remove the WebTV logo, and name from his site, as well as remove some references to WebTV, leaving the site's future in doubt.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

WebTV Referral Program E-mail Raises Questions
A recent e-mail for WebTV's new user referral program promising a five-dollar gift certificate in exchange for the name of someone you know raises the question: Is it for real?
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Online Advertisers Targeted by Lawsuits
Doubleclick isn't the only online advertisers incurring the wrath of privacy advocates, and a couple of class action lawsuits may take the place of the lagging federal regulation of the industry.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

Tidbits:Leftovers R Us
It may have been a slow news week on the Internet, but your tireless correspondents at Tidbits managed to find a few snippets of interest, including the latest on the Microsoft legal battles, A T & T goes on a diet, and a recipe site for Web addicts and other non-cooks.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]


The Thanksgiving Turkey Fold
Grace your Thanksgiving place setting with a turkey folded from a napkin! Origami Swami welcomes Kalei Lundberg, who shows you how, step by step.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Origami Swami]

The Thanksgiving Turkey Fold - Step 1

[Published 11/19/00, Written by Kalei Lundberg]

The Thanksgiving Turkey Fold - Step 2

[Published 11/19/00, Written by Kalei Lundberg]

The Thanksgiving Turkey Fold - Step 3

[Published 11/19/00, Written by Kalei Lundberg]

The Thanksgiving Turkey Fold - Step 4

[Published 11/19/00, Written by Kalei Lundberg]

The Thanksgiving Turkey Fold - Step 5

[Published 11/19/00, Written by Kalei Lundberg]

Hoax Report: Scary Sightings
Oooh! We thought Halloween was over, but from the looks of our Inbox, the scary stuff just keeps on happening. Fortunately, we know that most of it is nonsense.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Nancy McPoland]

Net4TV Presents: FITNET 70
Get up off the couch and let physical activity energize you for a new outlook on life!
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Tim Lane]

Astronomy: Shooting Stars
The Leonid Meteor Shower is just about over, but there are others still occuring. Check out the Meteor Observing Calendar and the Space Calendar for lots of great information.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by RainSong]

Add A Calculator To Your Homepage
GlimerMann shows you how to easily add a calculator to your web page using one of his cut, copy and paste scripts.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by GlimerMann]

Indrema's L600: The Little Product That Could
Indrema embodies its dreams of an open source video game platform in the L600, a game console (and more) due out in Spring of 2001 for $299. James Waters takes a first look.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by James Waters]

How to Buy a Printer
for Your WebTV

Looking for a printer for your WebTV? Wondering how much you should spend, and what you get for the price? Dudette examines eight WebTV-compatible printers that you can choose from, and gives you advice on how to not buy more than you need.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Dudette]

In Part II of our three-part look at AOLTV, we examine many of the features and qualities of the AOLTV product and its service.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Dexter Davenport]

World Wide Web of Deceit: Watch Those Fingers!
Scam artists are making money from your fumble fingers. Mistype a URL, and they make money off of your mistake by using some shady practices.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by WebTV Addict]

Gradcolor and Info Button
Using bgcolor for interesting effects; easily find the URL of music files; and a server-side tip to use when moving pages with drop-down menus.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Donna Hines, Editor]

Enter Your Holiday Table Art in Our Gallery
In honor of the many talented and skilled scripters out there who are building this amazing, virtual scenery, Net4TV Voice is having a gallery opening for your very best table art. Show us your true colors.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Rogi Riverstone]

Christmas Holiday Printables
Got a printer? Here are three starters for the holiday season -- two nifty sets of gift tags (one of the two is from us!), and a great collection of printable cards.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Voice Staff]

Surfari: Thanksgiving,
As Seen On TV

Ahh, Thanksgiving. The day we cook too much and eat too much. In this article we are treated to some of the lighter side of this delightful holiday.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Rogi Riverstone]

Surfari: Who's on First?
The 2000 Presidential election looks more and more like the Energizer rabbit. It just keeps going, and going, and goingÉ... If you are having trouble keeping score (and who isn't?), or if you would like to indulge in some political satire, we've got the URL's for you.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by RainSong]

Not The Same Old Presents
Are you wondering what to get that special person for Christmas? Looking for something unique? Here are a number of links to on-line sites with gifts to delight anyone.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Rogi Riverstone]


Georgia in Tennessee
Georgia is a young at heart grandmother who enjoys life, likes to smile and make others smile. She admits to clowning around a lot just for the laughs. Hey, she can still ride a bike and climb a tree!
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Don]

Small One Offers Big Help
Melody, "The Small One", started out scouting for chat rooms and discussion groups that dealt with FMS and other disabilities. She bought a printer with all the trimmings, got involved in several newsgroups, started designing webpages and hasn't looked back.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Yvonne Shull]

Thanksgiving With Val
With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, Val is thankful for her family, friends, health, and everything else that she has. Learn more about this busy Navy wife with 2 active children who currently resides in Hawaii.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Linda Anderson]

Bringing the Internet to the Homebound
Thanks to a recent grant, and the determination of George Coniglio's Senior Connect group's pilot program, free WebTVs (with wireless keyboards, printers and Internet service) are being provided to some homebound senior citizens.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by George Coniglio]

Better Homes: Thanksgiving Specials
Our Better Homes and Websites features a site that tells the Thanksgiving story; a site that commemorates the first Thanksgiving; a page with delightful, adorable poems; the most extensive military site imaginable; and a site with printables, graphics, and sigs.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by RainSong]

Jsteinmetz' Midis
She's a stay at home Mom with a 12 year old daughter, a painter with gallery representation, a gardener, an Indianapolis Colts fan, and she creates her own Midis. Nothing like staying busy!
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Bud]

Bob's Cyber Corner
Bob is an ex-Air Force Air Traffic Controller who is enjoying civilian life with his family and his WebTV. Once a novice, he now helps others with the intricacies of HTML.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Bee]


Welcome to Issue 70
Dexter makes you thankful for YOUR family. You could have relatives squabbling over who's stuffing is best and who stole what recipe. Well, Happy Thanksgiving!
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Dexter Davenport]

Dexter's Internet Pet Peeves, Part V
Dexter issues his latest list of Internet Pet Peeves. This time, he's had it with lawyers who write web page disclaimers, search engines that can't find a thing, amateur webmasters, and the ubiquitous 404 error code.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Dexter Davenport]

Spam Begins @Home with "Relationship Marketing"
Dudette set out to bust a spammer, and discovered that they are hosted on her own ISP. The investigation into Etracks reveals a disturbing new way to collect information on you from your email.
[Published 11/19/00, Written by Dudette]

VOX POP -- Reader Opinions

Where WebTV Has Missed the Boat...
WolverineX believes that the WebTV community is what has kept the service alive, and yet, it has been ignored.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by WolverineX]

It's Too Late for a Refer-A-User Program
Rose feels that it's too late for WebTV to recapture the excitement of its users by a referral program.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by ~~Rose~~]

Of Course, We Can Sell WebTV
Beverly Henry-Bishop feels that a good referral program could really work.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Beverly Henry-Bishop ]

They Think It Will Hatch Itself?
~Mary Fulghum~ has sold WebTV to lots of friends, and thinks that WebTV is sitting on a revolution.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by ~Mary Fulghum~ ]

MS Has Run WebTV Into the Ground!
Steve believes that WebTV has let the opportunity for the users to make it successful just slip away.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Steve ]

Shopping Recommendations
We asked for shopping recommendations, and Judi sent us hers.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Judi]

AOLTV - A Differing Opinion
CleanCutRich is an ex-WebTV user who has AOLTV, and he believes that we did not treat the product fairly.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by CleanCutRich ]

I Agree...! A Referral Program For Current Users...
Readers respond to Dudette's column "WebTV Didn't Have to Do That" about the WebTV's problem with false advertising. Some would support a referral program.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

No, I Wouldn't Recommend WebTV
A few of our Net4TV Voice readers who wrote felt that it was way too late for WebTV to use a referral program.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

Very Cautious....
These Net4TV Voice readers thought that a WebTV user referral program might work, but they are cautious until WebTV cleans up its act.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

Other Comments
These Net4TV Voice readers had additional observations and comments about a WebTV user referral program.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

Update the WebTV Browser!!! Pt. I
It's the most common complaint we hear about WebTV. This time it's a suggestion. True, it's not strictly customer service, but it's important to many users. They want a stable update.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

Update the WebTV Browser!!! Pt. 2
It's the most common complaint we hear about WebTV. This time it's a suggestion. True, it's not strictly customer service, but it's important to many users. They want a stable update. Part II
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

More Speed, Please!
Many users are feeling the need for more speed. Or at the very least, not so much slow motion. Our readers tell Dennis Reno what his priority should be.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

DishPlayer Users: "When?!"
The DishPlayer users are tired of paying a premium for substandard service. They want Dennis Reno to know what their top priority is.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

WebTV, You Need an Attitude Adjustment
Many users are suggesting that Dennis Reno needs to make a fundamental change in the attitude of customer service.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

The Big Variety Pack of Priorities
WebTV users have a lot of opinions as to what the top priority for WebTV's head of customer service should be. Here is a sampling.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

Online Shopping Works for Me!
For our QOW on shopping, many users were enthusiastic about online shopping.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

Online Shopping Does Not Work for Me
Fewer people told us of the horrors they've heard about of online shopping. For them, it doesn't work, or they won't use it.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

Shopping Works For Me... Sometimes
Some users found shopping online to be a hit and miss proposition. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Some sites are better than others.
[Published 11/26/00, Written by Vox Pop]

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