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Tidbits: Extra Takes
Will the coming Leap Day bring disaster to our computers? Will Yahoo stop hating? Will Amazon patent air? Is anti-trust anything like anti-matter?
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice News Staff]

Online Primary For Arizona Democrats This March
The voters in Arizona are about to take a giant step into the future. For the very first time, they will be able to vote online in the primary election March 11.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice News Staff]

New "CodeSet" Problem Bugs WebTV Plus Users
Has your Plus recently been upgraded? Do your TV listings, VCR recording, and remote control work for your TV any more? We've heard of a new problem that's bugging some users, but a fix is coming.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Yahoo! GeoCities Extends Cancellation Deadline One More Week
Yahoo! has notified Net4TV Voice that users whose sites were suspended in last weekend's TOS sweep will have one more week to contact GeoCities to have their sites restored before they are permanently deleted.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice News Staff]

More Cyber-Attacks Include FBI's own Site
More hack attacks have surfaced, including the FBI's computer system. Most attacks have been the DoS (denial of service), but the one on Microsoft was a little different.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice News Staff]

Free WebTV? New Users Get a Deal
Thinking about buying a new WebTV? Now might just be the time, with Microsoft offering 2 free months of service to new subscribers.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice News Staff]

DoubleClick Debuts New Privacy Guidelines; More Suits Filed
The Internet banner giant DoubleClick has found consumers do not appreciate having their personal information tracked and/or shared.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice News Staff]

The Buzz: Xdreams
Nat's still in the conference room in Mountain View, where a sudden phone call from WebTV's own "fly on the wall" in Redmond has suddenly changed everything.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by G. Nat URL]


Game Show Network Interactive Television
The Game Show Network now has an Interactive TV Enhancement available to WebTV Plus and Dishplayer owners 24 hours a day 7 days a week just by tuning to the GSN channel. It even provides a couple of games for the WebTV users.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by David R Beatson]

Net4TV Presents: FITNET 51
How about balancing your table with 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day, or if you prefer 4 on one day and 6 on the next. A healthier future can be reached one apple at a time.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Tim Lane]

Voices of Slavery and Beyond
Black History Month is an opportune time to explore some African American resources in genealogy. Here you find some very informative links into that part of American history as well as excellent genealogy information.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Gene Blueblood]

How to Write on Images
This is a basic introduction to writing on images. Just think of the uses: refrigerator magnets; door & window decoration; gift tags; web page designs; cut-outs for the little ones; iron ons and much more.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Beth Candy]

Hoaxes Redux: The Current Crop
Have you ever received an email warning of something dreadful? Or promising money from Bill Gates just for forwarding a message? Here's the latest scoop on those really annoying Urban Legends and hoaxes!
[Published 02/27/00, Written by WebTV Addict]

Andersonville Remembered
Andersonville Prison held thousands of prisoners during the Civil War, many of whom died there. The records are now available on-line to aid those searching for family records.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Gene Blueblood]

All About "Remote Loading" and How to End It
When GeoCities suspended hundreds of WebTV users for a "remote loading" violation of their Terms of Service, many of them wrote to us and asked what it meant, and how they could avoid it. Here are the answers.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Dudette]

TOS and Remote Loading Questions and Answers
We have received many, many questions regarding remote loading and the Terms of Service (TOS) at GeoCities and other popular home page hosts. These are a few, with the best answers we've got.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Dudette]

Make Your Own Images and Backgrounds with a WebTV Plus!
When we saw wonderful abstract background patterns by Nirvana, we were amazed to find out that they were made with a WebTV Plus and ImageMagick. Here's how!
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Nirvana]

The Late Show
Modern culture and it's bastard offspring, pop culture churns out empty art by the freight load. It may be pretty or have a catchy tune or sell tickets but it's hollow at the core.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Uncle Bob]

Some Timesaving Editing Tips
The ADHHH Construction Crew has put together some great tips to make editing your web pages easier. Tips include cutting, copying, pasting, hyperlinks and more.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by ADH-HH Construction Crew]

Review: Planetweb's Updated Dreamcast Browser
Planetweb promised there would be several upgrades for the Sega Dreamcast and the first one has arrived. Here is a review of the major changes.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by James Waters]

Sluggy Freelance: Squeekybobo Ball
Kiki, Torg, Gwynn, Bun-Bun, Riff, and Val are all fine. Aylee is still in her cocoon, changing into ..? It's time to take a deep breath before we plunge into the next adventure.
[Published 01/30/00, Written by Pete Abrams]

Startrek, The Last Generation
Robert J. Nemiroff is an Astrophysicist with the Michigan Technological University, and author and editor of the Astronomy Picture of the Day web page. Not all of his writings are technical, as you will soon discover. His spoof of "Startrek" will have you laughing out loud.

[Published 02/27/00, Written by Robert J. Nemiroff]


Ms. Spiffy - "When Pigs Talk, I Listen"
This very talented lady creates the most incredible audioscopes, plus she does the prettiest china painting, and (in her spare time) she is a published writer. And then there's that pot bellied pigÉ..
[Published 02/27/00, Written by BabyDoll]

"Forever SoulMatesÉ Mark & Carol!"
For a long time this couple lurked in the newsgroups and surfed the web looking for interesting pages so they could learn how "they did it". 20 loosleaf folders of code later, they built their domain.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by BabyDoll]

Sandy's Grafix Shop
Sandy purchased her WebTV because she wanted her own Internet access without spending a fortune - sound familiar? Now she has an outstanding assortment of GLBT graphics to share with the world.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Nelson Tankus]

Rev. Joezie & Shawnee: Native Americans on the Web
This family uses WebTV to reach out to other Native Americans on the Internet. They offer help with problems, both spiritual and emotional and are preserving Native American languages, traditions and music, before they are lost forever.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Bill Johnson aka Le Fantome]

The Story of "Uncle John and Aunt Annie!"
Treasures For You; Comfort & Hope After Trauma & Grief; Web Treasure Links; Sea Of Graphics. These are just some of the wonderful sites built by this delightful couple.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by RC]

Curtis' 'Ultimate' WebTV HTML Help
When Curtis first got started on the Internet, he found it very difficult to get some of his questions answerd. So he decided to help those who followed in his footsteps.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Datatyme]

Better Homes and Websites
This issue's Better Homes take you on tour -- of the homepage of a hard working single Mom who refuses to give in to the trials and tribulations of life; a lady who frequently called her Mom for Pennsylvania Dutch recipes now has 3 daughters who are great cooks - and they share some with us; a page written by someone who loves Bluegrass music and has links to gifs, hillbilly recipes and lots of other great places; a site dedicated to making sure you never run out of backgrounds (it would take a lifetime to use all of them so you better get started); and finally, a wonderful website written by people who know and love Timmy, a young man afflicted with Cerebral Palsy - be sure you sign his guest book.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by RainSong]

"Throw Me Something, Mister!" It's Mardi Gras Time!
It's party time! And the biggest party of all is Mardi Gras. The Chien cooks have put together a fantastic assortment of traditional Mardi Gras favorites, including the irresistible King Cake.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Patricia Kirton]


Welcome to Issue 51 of Net4TV Voice!

[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Issue 51, continued

[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Poetry Unplugged
This issue our Gen Next author shares some poetry written by some of her peers. What an insight into the thoughts and minds of these young people.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Emma]

VOX POP -- Reader Opinions

A Choice of Tripod Advertising
Martin Jones passes along some advice to WebTV users about the new options at Tripod for displaying the advertising banner.
[Published , Written by Martin Jones Martin Jones Martin Jones Martin Jones]

A WebTV Romance -- and Marriage!
Bruce Burgess tells us about how WebTV brought him together with his new bride -- a WebTV romance!
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice]

...And Forward This to Everyone You Know!
Linda Olmstead tells us, "I was sent this message by someone who knows full well my proclivities in regard to 'chain e-mail' and bogus Internet alerts.... Surely you can appreciate this."
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Linda Olmstead]

Sega Dreamcast Browser Upgrade 1.2
Murph offers his take on the latest browser upgrade to the Sega Dreamcast.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Murph]

Staying Within the TOS
Nirvana offers some tips for GeoCities users (and those on other services) about how to stay within the Terms of Service by stopping remote linking from your site.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Nirvana]

GeoCities, Tripod, and the TOS
Frecs believes that the "free" homepage providers don't understand the business that WebTV users bring them.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Frecs]

Mirroring on
Sherri suggests for mirroring your site, and tells how she did it and what's available.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Sherri]

A Letter to GeoCities
AllstonDave shares a copy of the email he sent to GeoCities on behalf of a friend.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by AllstonDave]

Figuring Out the Customers
Zyber gives us -- and companies hoping to serve WebTV users (like GeoCities and WebTV itself) -- some food for thought.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Zyber]

The WebTV "Bugs"
Daniel has been having problems, and was able to persuade WebTV to give him a free month because of them.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Daniel]

Every Single One
Bruce shares his own self-reflection about how he responded to trolls who disrupted one of his favorite newsgroups, and his own answer to "The Post You Regret..."
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Bruce]

Here's Help for GeoCities Builders
It's an ill wind that blows NO good, and once again, some of our wonderful neighbors and community members have come to the resuce with offers of help, and advice.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice]

New Email Hacks Reported
WebTV users are reporting another set of hacks related to email, signatures, and passwords. Let us know what you hear.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice]

DishPlayer Users' Frustrations
We continue to hear frustrations from DishPlayer owners about the PageBuilder and modem speeds.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice]

GeoCities!! How Could They?
We received many, many emails about the GeoCities TOS sweep, and these are only a small sample. Many WebTV users just don't understand why, and many more are angry at the summary treatment.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Voice Mail!
Our mailbox has been overflowing since our last issue, and here is some of the email from our readers.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Grumps and Gripes
We still hear a variety of other complaints and problems.
[Published 02/27/00, Written by Net4TV Voice]

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