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Tidbits: Also in the News...

[Published 06/06/99, Written by News Staff]

DOJ vs. MS Anti-Trust Trial Resumes

[Published 06/06/99, Written by News Staff]

The Changing of the Guard
As WebTV founder Steve Perlman leaves WebTV to chart new territory, Net4TV Voice looks back on the history of WebTV for clues as to why he left and the challenges now facing new President Bruce Leak.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Dexter Davenport]

WebTV Details New Boxes, New Service, and Price Increase
New version of both the WebTV Classic and the WebTV Plus are soon to debut, with a price increase on monthly service for the new users.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Dexter Davenport]

Feature Comparison

[Published 06/06/99, Written by News Staff]

Feature Comparison:
Software & Services

[Published 06/06/99, Written by News Staff]

Microsoft Makes $30 Million Deal, WebTV Winks
MS announces $30 Million investment in Wink Communications, for enhanced TV features for WebTV. The partnership will also further development of Advanced Television Enhancement Forum standards.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by News Staff]

The Buzz
Our newest news columnist is a fly on the wall, who reports on the crumbs, tasty morsels, and other tidbits he finds in places that he can slip into unseen. This week, catch up on the Buzz in WNI about Steve's departure, a sick server, and a delay in AOL-TV.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by G. Nat URL VII
Agent 007]


Net4TV Voice Presents: FITNET
Stay Fit and learn a little history as FITNET covers Amelia Earhart's inspiration, celebrates the YMCA, and reminds us, 'Don't Eat Your Heart Out!'
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Tim Lane]

Sebulba's Blues

[Published 06/06/99, Written by Ali Yazid]

Domania -- Freeloading and More!
Just when you thought free transloaders were an endangered species, here come two WebTV users with a new utility that gives new meaning to the word 'Freeloader.'
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Dudette]

TipTup Makes Net4TV PagerPlus!
NetTV is proud to present a new tool for WebTV users, PagerPlus. Created by master WebTV programmer TipTup, the PagerPlus is hosted right here at Net4TV, and we've also got a PagerPlus forum for support. Here's how to get started with your very own PagerPlus.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Dudette]

Dragonseige -- It Was Hymn!
That amazing Hymn, WebTV game-creator extraordinaire, is back with a new JavaScript game for WebTV gamers. Save the village of Flea from those hungry dragons!
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Dudette]

The Great MIDI Archives
Whether you're looking for a MIDI for your home page or email, or just looking for some fun listening, here are some of the best large collections of music that work with WebTV (and PCs too, of course). Enjoy!
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Dudette]

Copyright-Free MIDI Loops 4U
You won't have to worry about copyright on these -- we made them for you. Each is a small MIDI files that's 30 seconds long, and is designed to be looped as a BGSOUND in a webpage or email. Please translaod.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Dudette]

Prototype-1 The Next Generation

[Published 06/06/99, Written by Uncle Bob]

Hippies Can't Be Beat
If you missed the 60s, or can't remember them, don't despair. Our Counterculture Correspondent Uncle Bob has put together a Swinging Surfari to get you started refreshing those hazy memories, or to see what you missed.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Uncle Bob]

Muffin Part 3: Dessert, and Catching Up

Muffin's slicing and dicing and saving the world, but can Zoe and Torg be rescued, and what about (sniff) BunBun?
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Pete Abrams]


A PC User Meets WebTV
Her eyes are grey, her job is 9-1-1, and she's a WebTV user. Soose tells of how she met GryEyes, a Community Leader at GeoCities, and how she converted her to become one of us.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Soose]

Doughboy! He's Not Pillsbury and He Has No Biscuits!!
This man of many names, none of which have to do with baked goods, is a former computer/AOL user who found a better surfing experience with WebTV. Creator of one of the best F-key saver pages around, Doughboy City, this Doughboy wants to pay tribute to the military Doughboys, not Pillsbury!
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Ginks]

The "Nifty Text" of One Nifty Lady!
If you've been searching for unusual text effects for your HTML email, redbird77's Nifty Text might be just the thing to brighten up your backgrounds. Rexy talks with Amanda, a college student studying Computer Science, who uses both WebTV and a computer to get the most out of her Internet time.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Rexy]

ULTRA's Tricks of the Trade!
Looking to get a little bit more out of your WebTV? Check out ULTRA's bag of WebTV tricks, tips, and tools for some neat stuff.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by JVT007]

Doctor Draac Goes Dot Com
One of the most famous WebTV users, Dr. Draac has been providing gifs and HTML help to his fellow users since the earliest days of WebTV. Now he's got his own domain with all new teaching pages. Warp-Speed catches up with the good Doctor and finds out what's new at
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Warp-Speed]

WebTVer Starts Cyber Sisters Newsgroup
Lucymae thought she'd make a sisters page, and now the idea has grown to include a 600-member group with community pages, chat, and their own WebTV newsgroup. V chats with this innovative lady, who also has an award-winning homepage of her own.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by V]

Better Homes and Websites
Our Better Homes this issue include some more great utilities and a search site, a wonderful site for your pre-school kids, and a couple of truly imaginative sites that are hard to describe, but are well worth your time to visit.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Keep Cool in the Kitchen with Chien Cooks
No need to swelter over a hot stove when you've got the great cooks at coming up with cool and easy recipes to try. Here's the latest menu from "the best cooking newsgroup on the Net!"
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Nancy McPoland]


Welcome to Issue 32 - Goodbye, Steve!

[Published 06/06/99, Written by Voice Editorial Board]

[Published 06/06/99, Written by Voice Editorial Board]

Cannes and I
Ginger got to attend the famous Cannes Film Festival, and shares the details of her fabulous trip with those of us who weren't able to go.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Ginger]

VOX POP -- Reader Opinions

F.A.Q. = Frequently Asked Questions
A VIR (Very Important Reader) has prompted Net4TV Voice to begin a new series of columns to answer your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions.) In this issue, learn about URLs, WNI, Steve Perlman (just who is he, anyway?) and more. Don't forget to post your own questions!
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Net4TV Staff]

Perlman May Not Have Had "TV Fever" After All

[Published 06/06/99, Written by MediEvil]

Don't Limit WebTV's Potential!
A user pleads with WebTV to not ignore the potential of WebTV by focusing on the 'enhanced television' features.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Rick Meinders]

Perlman Waves Goodbye to His Baby
A user shares his thoughts on the departure of Steve Perlman.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Anonymous]

Oh, well, there goes the neighborhood . .
A new WebTV user sent us a beautiful blank verse poem with a poignant question.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Rogi Riverstone]

Wanted: Internet!!
Forget 'enhanced TV,' these readers want more 'enhanced Internet' features.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Classic Works For Me
These respondents still have the non-TV-enhanced Classic WebTV box and are not interested in the TV features.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Bought Plus, But Not For TV
Many readers pointed out that although they'd purchased the WebTV Plus box, it wasn't for the enhanced TV features.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Nice, But Not Necessary
Quite a few respondents mentioned that the enhanced TV features were nice to have, but they'd prefer WebTV to focus on the Internet.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Steve's Right
A very small percentage of respondents felt Steve was right on target.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

Steve's Way Off Base
Many of our respondents felt Steve's 'vision' needs a good check-up.
[Published 06/06/99, Written by Net4TV Voice Staff]

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