Looking for background music to add ambience to your webpage or email? These MIDI files are all 30 seconds long and are designed to be looped. Best of all, they are copyright-free (we created them ourselves for you), and they're very small in data size so they won't have long loading times. But if you find one you'd like to take, please transload it! For your convenience, the full path for transloading is in the link.

After you've transloaded to your own homepage directory, just use this code <BGSOUND SRC="filename.mid" loop=infinite> to put them in your page and loop them. Change "filename.mid" to the name of the file in your directory.

Rock and Boogie

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/basicrock.mid - 6.5k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/rock2.mid - 6.5k 30sec loop

Laid Back

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/awards.mid - 4.2k 30sec loop
This is the loop we're using as the background music for this page.

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/ballad1.mid - 5.1k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/ballad2.mid - 3.4k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/gospelpiano.mid - 3.4k 30sec loop

Got the Blues

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/barroom1.mid - 2.5k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/barroom2.mid - 3.8k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/barroom3.mid - 3.4k 30sec loop

Country Feel

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/countryswing1.mid - 4.9k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/countryswing2.mid - 4.8k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/oldtime.mid - 7.2k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/country3.mid - 5.4k 30sec loop

Classical Flavor

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/debussy1.mid - 2.7k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/mendel1.mid - 2.0k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/mozart1.mid - 1.2k 30sec loop

Romantic Sounds

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/romantic.mid - 2.2k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/romantic2.mid - 1.1k 30sec loop

Quick and Bright

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/2Step.mid - 7.2k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/2Step2.mid - 8.2k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/7am.mid - 6.3k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/acoustic.mid - 4.8k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/hopnbop.mid - 4.6k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/bright1.mid - 5.7k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/bright2.mid - 6.3k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/toy1.mid - 4.9k 30sec loop

http://Net4TV.com/4xload/toy2.mid - 5.6k 30sec loop


Please do not link directly to these files -- transload them to your own homepage directory and then call them from there into your web page or email. The files are small, and will transload quickly. We've listed the address from which they can be loaded in the link.

The Star Boulevard Transloader -- these files are small enough to use with the free portion of the service.

The Domania Freeloader -- a free transloader, by and for WebTV users.

Web-UP -- a subscription service, also by a WebTV user.