Whether you're looking for a MIDI for your home page or email, or just looking for some fun listening, these are large collections of music that work with WebTV (and PCs too, of course). But please don't link to the music directly -- if you want to use it in your page or email, transload the files first to your web page directory.

There are two reasons -- bandwidth theft (if you just pull them in from the sites rather than transloading, these sites end up paying a bill for the bandwidth every time someone opens your email or surfs to your page), and also, there's a good chance that they may go away. You can read more about the copyright problems with MIDI in Net4TV Voice's article, Oh Where Oh Where Have the MIDIs Gone?

But there are still MIDI sites around, and the Classical and Folk sites have music that largely isn't bothered by copyright problems. Here are some we think you'll enjoy.

The Classical Music Sites

Classical Midi Archives
An excellent site on the Web for classical music, the Archives have virtually every composer you ever heard of. Most arrangements are quite good. Hook up the WebTV to your stereo and enjoy an evening at the symphony.

MIDI World
Classical and early music, and a good collection of cool jazz, plus a whole set of "albums" of current composers who are working in MIDI. This one is a find!

The Internet Renaissance Band
Curtis Clark at Cal State Pomona has put together a site that looks great and sounds even better on WebTV! Renaissance music and madrigals, Medieval Music, and carols of the period, all authentically
scored. Good notes, too. A history and music lover's delight!

Rock, Pop, Etc.

The MIDI Farm
Not so pretty on TV, but it's got lots of music, from Abba to Zappa, with Bluegrass, Big Band, Country, and TV & Movie themes in between. Songs are identified by cryptic file names, but it's a great site for playing Name That Tune.

WK's MIDI Site
This site in Singapore claims to have the largest collection of MIDI files in the universe -- over 16,000, arranged aphabetically by performer. Basically pop and rock with a few other genres thrown in for good measure, if you're looking for a recent song, this is a good place to start.

Kwest Productions General MIDI Archives
Another huge archive of pop and rock from the 60's to today, all arranged by artist name. If you can't find something you like in these, check out the "more files" -- folk, bluegrass, reggae, blues, and other "I don't know where to put them" MIDI's.

Valkhorn.com High Quality MIDI Files
Still a good selection of classic and current rock and pop, even though there are some dead links to files that were removed because of copyright problems. Also smatterings of other genres. One of the good things about this site is that all the sequences we've heard here are really well done.

PinkNET's MIDI Archive
Virtually no interface, and little enough organization -- but what makes this site going to is some really good MIDI sequences including some that we haven't seen on other sites. The most organized group is in the folder without a number -- more folders by artist name.

SoundGallery's MIDI Files
Over 4,000 pop and rock MIDI files, organized by performer and groups alphabetically. Some nice sequences here -- worth a visit.

"Albums" of some very good zipped rock and pop MIDIs -- over 3,500 files organized by artist. They'll play on WebTV, but not on a PC until they're unzipped, so you won't want to use these as background music for a webpage unless you've to a PC to unzip them.

Borg World's MIDI Collection
Another large and varied collection, primarily of pop and rock, sorted by artist. Lots of Star Trek stuff here, too. The RealAudio at this site only works on a PC, unfortunately.

Even though this site is mostly for PC users, there are a lot of MIDI files that sound good on WebTV. They're "organized" (to use the term loosely) into assortments and only have cryptic file names, but you'll have fun playing "name that tune." Check out the ones that were reviewed as "awesome." Basically pop and rock.

CPR's MIDI Archives
A terrific archive of well-sequenced Pop, plus good Classical, National Anthems, TV and Movie Themes, and Golden Oldies. Plus some Game Music, Anime, and a few folk songs. This site can be a little slow
to come in (it's in Indonesia), but it's worth the wait!

Folksongs of the World

10,000 Volksleider
And now for something completely different, this marvelous site contains words and, in many cases, the MIDI melodies to 10,000 folk tunes of the world, German Volksleiders, hymns, spirituals and gospel.

Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
Barry Taylor has done some beautiful sequences of traditional tunes in General MIDI. There's great stuff in the Irish, English, Welsh and Scottish (includes "Amazing Grace" in a MIDI bagpipe sequence) sections, and an enlarged American section. Excellent music, plus lyrics to most of them!

Folksong Index
A large collection of folk songs from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, German, Austria, and the USA, complete with lyrics and MIDI melodies. Therre are also collections of sea chanteys, drinking songs, US Civil War, Stephen Foster, hunting songs, and the hymns of Isaac Watts. Magnificent!

Videogame Music

Videogame Music
Themes from your favorite videogames, on systems going all the way back to the C64. We even found the theme to one of our games (Forbidden Forest -- C64) there! Scroll down when you get there to the music section.

Copyright-Free MIDI

Copyright-Free MIDI Loops by Net4TV
You won't have to worry about copyright on these -- we made them for you. Each is a small MIDI files that's 30 seconds long, and is designed to be looped as a BGSOUND in a webpage or email. If you find one you like, help yourself but PLEASE TRANSLOAD it to your own homepage directory.