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Issue 39


Security Alert! WebTV Spam Block Revealing User, Subscriber IDs!
WebTV's spam blocking filter has opened a major security hole that can allow your email addresses to be identifed, and even let someone terminate your WebTV account. You can take action right now that will prevent your information from being revealed. UPDATED 9/15
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Voice News Staff]

HotMail's "Hacker" Was Simply No Passwords
Got a HotMail account? Your mail was wide open for anyone to read. "It was an 'evil genius' who hacked us with advanced tools" claimed Microsoft. But it wasn't.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

MS Internet Explorer Hole Leaves PCs Open to Net Invasion
If Microsoft didn't have enough security problems, it has now issued a security alert warning of a flaw in IE5 that could let a malicious web site operator to take control of a visitor's computer.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Yet Another Security Hole Discovered in HotMail
Not two weeks after HotMail left its door open by not checking passwords on account, a new hole has surfaced that allows a malicious person to launch password-stealing programs or secretly access a HotMail user's computer.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Tidbits:In Other News
Interactive Jeopardy comes to the WebTV Plus, we duck the 9999 bug, measuring the Net, George Bush shows us the money, and it turns out that E-Bay doesn't sell everything, after all.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by News Staff]

Sega's Dreams of Dreamcast Come True
Sega released their fourth generation game machine on 9/9/99 amidst sell-out crowds, corporate in-fighting, and the sudden ouster of Bernie Stolar, the President of Sega US.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Dexter Davenport]

The World Wide Web of Deceit: Banner Ads
Wow! Just add this banner to your webpage and everytime someone clicks on it you make $$$$! What an easy way to make money. I'll just sit here and watch the bucks pile up! Sound too good to be true? Read on.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by TipTup]

The Buzz: Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!
Buzz's intern finds something scary in WebTV HQ, so Buzz sends the BuzzBot back in to investigate. But it's even dangerous for bots in there, now!
[Published 09/12/99, Written by G. Nat URL]

UPDATE! WebTV Says Security Hole Is Now Closed
WebTV Networks has informed Net4TV Voice that they have located and fixed the bug that was causing the user and subscriber IDs to be exposed when user mail bounced from a full mailbox. According to WebTV, the security hole is now closed. Subscribers who wish to use the spam block can now turn it back on without concern that it will cause their IDs to be exposed.
[Published 09/18/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]


MouseOver Alert & Other Page Enhancements
You CAN teach an old mouse new clicks, and the Construction Crew from ADH-HH shows you how to do some really neat stuff on your homepage.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by ADH-HH Construction Crew]

So I Married My Cousin...And I Work For Another?
Gene Blueblood joins us to celebrate online family and community in a different way--tracing your roots and finding connections that aren't virtual. Find out just where those cousins got removed to--and a whole new way to enjoy family reunions.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Gene Blueblood]

Net4TV Presents: FITNET 39
"5 A Day" is a nationwide nutrition campaign encouraging you to eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily for better health. Stay fit and healthy with our daily inspirational messages, fun facts, and historical observations.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Tim Lane]

New Game! Argelis' Hangman
We are continually amazed at the extent of WebTV users' talent and creativity. Argelis used a WebTV Classic and a few Web-based resources to create a quick and entertaining version of Hangman.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Dexter Davenport]

Tips and Tricks
This week's Tips and Tricks notifies you about changes at Draac's GIFs 123 that may affect your web page or email, and some WebTV users at GeoCities who are there to help you -- and to help you save your website from disappearing!
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Printer Fun With Iron-Ons
Got a printer? Now you can have a shirt like ours! All it takes is a shirt, and a pack of iron-on transfer paper.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by RainSong]

Net4TV Voice Editors' Choice Award:
OmDev Keyboard Adapter

The first winner of the Net4TV Voice Editors' Choice Award goes to an excellent product that makes using a wired keyboard possible for the WebTV Plus and New Classic.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Dexter Davenport/Nancy McPoland]

Surf Free Home Pages
Looking for a place to build your homepage? Want to have a space that's still yours, even if you leave WebTV? Uncle Bob surfs around to review the free web page sites where you can build your new home.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Uncle Bob]

Sluggy Freelance
Time to meet (again) some of the stars of this strip. And then… oh no. Somebody messed with the conbobatron, messed up everything and let a monster lose…
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Pete Abrams]


Sweet Surprises from Super Chien
We're overdue for a revisit to the dessert table at, and those busy cooks have filled it with unusual treats. Try some of these goodies to spark your taste buds and finish off any meal in style.
[Published 08/29/99, Written by Nancy McPoland]

Kat - From Student to Teacher: Intimidated No More!
A little black box turns out to be the doorway to cgi-bin, JavaScript, html and much, much more. Intimidated by computers, Kat gets
[Published 09/12/99, Written by smlfry ]

Hoaxes, Chain Letters, Urban Legends and E-mail Spam!
Is this a hoax or for real? How many times have you asked yourself that question as you read yet another scary or heart wrenching e-mail message? Now you can easily determine if it's
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Lady-Chat-A-Lot]

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned!
Want to save some serious $$$$$ on food, clothing, furniture and other items? Want some help figuring out how????? Look no further. Learn about garage sales, coupons, thrift stores, bartering and much, much more - all in one place! In short, learn to live real well on
[Published 09/12/99, Written by fionagrape]

Snooky for President! He unites the WebTV Users!
The hard drive died in his computer; but when he went to buy another one he fell for a sleek Sony Classic - and hasn't looked back. Join this island hopping, ex-PI on a brief excursion of
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Bea Happy]

Chris Davis - WebTV's ToolMan
What has 27 pages, nearly 1000 internet links, countless WebTV tools, almost 57,000 hits, is friendly enough to be navigated by newbies and has enough information to keep a webaholic happy for hours?
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Catherine Kelley]

Blair Witch e-mails Net4TV Voice
There! Did you see something? Over there! Behind that dead tree! See? It's moving! Toward us!! Oh no!!! Run!!!! FASTER!!!!!!
[Published 09/12/99, Written by George Coniglio]

Better Homes and Websites
This issue's Better Homes gives you a glimpse of Disney history with some old photos and drawings; lots of humor; tips on writing; travel information; the life of an unwanted pet; stories of the Old West (and the way it used to be); country music classics; elephant facts (no, not elephant jokes); and a look at the way some people ride motorcycles.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by RainSong]


Issue 39 -- 18 Months!

[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

The Latin Beat
Salsa, merengue, tango, samba, mambo, cumbia, rumba! Red hot music and sizzling artists. Get off that couch and let yourself go!
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Emma]

Improving Alt.Discuss
Scott Hoagland offers his views on the current state of the WebTV newsgroups, and hopes that something can be done.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Scott Hoagland]

Newsgroups, Trolls, and the TOS DeJour
Honor system? Moderated newsgroups? More effort from Compliance? Is there a way to return to the friendly communication that once was alt.discuss?
[Published 09/12/99, Written by PovertyStricken]

VOX POP -- Reader Opinions

Newsgroups: It's Why I Left WebTV
These former WebTV users tell us that the newsgroup "calamity" is the reason that they left WebTV
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

WebTV: How NOT To Run A Service
WebTV continues to demonstrate how not to run a service, and we continue to hear about it every week in our email.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

More Reaction to the Bank Surcharge
Reaction to the planned surcharge for automatic checking account withdrawal continues to fill our mailbox and feedback forms.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

TalkCity Ban on Gay Chat Rooms
We've received a lot of comments about TalkCity's ban on gay chatrooms, and so far, everyone is pretty outraged at TalkCity.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Feedback on the DishPlayer
Our review of the DishPlayer by Wolverine_X brought a number of comments, but also reveal that there are some real problems with some people's connections and service.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Newsgroups: A Few Bad Apples
These users think that the problem is really a few bad apples.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Newsgroups: They're OK the Way They Are!
Quite a number of WebTV users think that the newsgroups are fine the way they are, or have no trouble in their own.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Newsgroups: Open Them -- Keep Them Closed.
Should the newsgroups stay available to only WebTV users, or be open to others as well. There are differing opinions, and one that suggests that archiving would solve the problems.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Newsgroups: Rule Changes Would Help
Some of the WebTV users feel that there need to be changes to the newsgroup rules.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Newsgroups: Both Good AND Bad
Community or calamity? These users feel there's a bit of both.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Newsgroups: Shame and Outrage
Some of our writers felt that what goes on in the newsgroups is the shame of WebTV.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Newsgroups: Enforce the TOS!
These users feel that WebTV should sanction or TOS the users who are purposefully disrupting the newsgroups.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Making the Newsgroups Better
Danny Dots has some recommendations on how to take what's good in the newsgroups and make them better.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Danny Dots]

From Community to Calamity.
One of our readers observes the path that brought the newsgroups from the community that they once were to today's situation.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Name Withheld]

Giving Control to Users
Reader Paul suggests how the 'walled garden' could become a friendlier place.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Paul]

Even in Calamity…
you may find community, reasons Teresa.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Teresa~]

The State of Alt.Discuss
It's chaotic at best, says Chantel4U and suggests the reasons why, and what needs to happen.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Chantel4u]

Rediscovering Usenet
Ann Redwood explains how she rediscovered the joys of a moderated group on Usenet.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Ann Redwood]

The Triumph of the Family
Cat09lives tells how the newsgroup family can triumph, even when attacked by trolls.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by cat09lives]

Keep WebTV'ers Off Usenet
A former WebTV user returns to provide a different view of why WebTV users should stay in the firewall.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Dave Anthony]

The Best and the Worst

[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Those Misleading Commercials…
The WebTV commercials are giving the a false picture of what really goes on, says Doodle Bean.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Doodle Bean]

Passing Your Newsgroup
Chantel describes the "yesvotes" group that was formed to help you pass your newsgroup proposals.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Chantel]

Voice Mail
We dip into our mailbox for a sampling of some of the other email we've received since our last issue.
[Published 09/12/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

Newsgroups: Perhaps More Moderation…?
Several users had comments about moderated groups (including webtv.users) and that some control might be better.
[Published 09/13/99, Written by Net4TV Voice]

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