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Surfari: Women's Equality Day

By Rogi Riverstone
(August 27, 2000)

So many young people look at an event like Women's Equality Day and think, "Why is that necessary? Of course women are equal!" Well, I guess it's necessary because so many old people look at it and think, "Why does that exist? Of course women aren't equal." I can look at my own, brief lifetime and see how far we've come in nurturing gentle men and strong women. And the kids around me are still crammed into gender roles: boys play with trucks; girls play with Barbie.

So, yes, men raise kids now and women carry brief cases. There are still wage gaps, glass ceilings, assumptions about roles and other silly notions, though. And those who forget the past, it is said, are doomed to repeat it. So let's just take a stroll through the subject of Women's Equality and see what we sniff out, ok?

The Arts

Antonia Bembo (c.1640-c.1715) "Ballett" (H.Heldstab)

Mostly Midi Mostly Early Soundfiles By Women Composers
Sequencer names follow each entry; MIDI and some non-MIDI files are now listed together; non-MIDI files are marked by italics.

National Museum of Women In The Arts
The only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to recognizing the contributions of women artists.

Early Women's Music, Art, Poetry
An astounding collection of resources on ancient women's cultures. Topics include, but are not limited to: Celebration of the Feminine Divine; Environmental Themes; Women's Early Eastern Spirituality; Themes Related to African Heritage; Themes Related to Natural Science; Social Protest; Women's Music & Arts; Women & the Origins of Opera; In the Background - People & Places.

Gerri Gribi
This page includes a brief history; a songsheet you can download and print, plus information about a wonderful new book of suffrage songs and history; links to more information, including the complete text of the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments of 1848 and the 1865 Petition to Congress for Universal Suffrage; and recommended videos.

"History looks different when the contributions of women are included."
~~National Women's History Project


The Idea of Women's Equality and its Migration throughout American History
This History Day Project web page was created by: [] Wesley Sheffield, Linda Nguyen, Elisa Valentine and Chloe` Spaith. All are eighth grade students of Mr. Kearney's Social Studies class and Sonora Elementary School. The history project is... about how women suffered to gain equality in the last 300 years. Through the years, women have shown that they too should have the rights to be treated equal. With much effort, they fought to gain the support to be treated with respect as a human being. If it were not for these women in our past, then where would women be today?"

National Women's History Project
A non-profit corporation. Among the NWHP's services: established National Women's History Month, in 1980; maintains the clearinghouse for U.S. women's history information; issues a seasonal catalog of women's history posters, books and materials; produces videos, posters, guides, and supplies for school and workplace; conducts in-service training for school teachers; coordinates the Women's History Network, a national participant organization; provides consulting services for publishers, media producers, and journalists.

"Once upon a time strong, independent women were called witches and were burned at the stake. Today they're called feminists. They publish web pages, get flamed in e-mail and are blamed for most of society's problems. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than the stake."

Policy Making

Women Leaders Online -- Women Organizing For Change
The first and largest women's activist group on the internet: Empowering women in politics, media, society, the economy and cyberspace: Building an online network of one million women (and sympathetic men); Publishing regular Action Alerts; Organizing non-partisan grassroots lobbying; Encouraging pro-woman candidates and voter education; Providing activists with expansive feminist links and resources; Facilitating e-mail access to your U.S Senators & Representatives; Leading with International Women's Links and Resources
This web site, like gender equality, is a work in progress. American women fought, suffered and sacrificed for the right to vote. They were jailed and jeered. Honor their effort by casting your ballot. Results of the 1997, 1998 and 1999 elections as well as information on the upcoming elections in 2000. Changes and vulnerable incumbents in the current Congress. Check your state to find out what women represent you in U.S. Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Voter, election and population stats. When did women win the right to vote and what did the voters say about the ERA? Find out about the women who advise Presidents or make the nation's laws or preside over the courts. Women who have served in and with the US military since the nation's founding and women throughout the ages who have fought for their country or their cause.


Wider Opportunities for Women
(WOW) works nationally and in its home community of Washington, DC to achieve economic independence and equality of opportunity for women and girls.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one . . ."
~~Galatians 3:28 NIV

Directory of resources regarding women in religion.

Bible Studies
Regarding the Equality of Men and Women in the Church, Home, and Society. These lessons are a resource for personal devotions, small groups, Christian education, women's ministries, retreats, men's prayer breakfasts, ministry leaders, lectionaries, sermons, and newsletters.

Women, Islam and Equality
Much has been written about Iran's contemporary history and the Iranian people's struggle for freedom and social justice over the last 100 years. Historians, Iranian and non-Iranian alike, have addressed this period in great detail. In these portrayals of Iran's history, however, the role of Iranian women in the century-long struggle for freedom and democracy has been virtually ignored. While the active and conspicuous participation of women in the anti-shah movement is still fresh in the minds of Iranians and students of Iranian affairs, what women did before the revolution and what they are doing now are stories left untold. Regrettably, there has been little, if any, attempt to systematically examine the role and situation of women during the Pahlavi regime and the theocracy that followed, or within the resistance movement that has now entered its 14th year.

Women And Spiritual Equality In Christian Tradition
The spiritual nature of woman in Scripture and early Christian writings; Women in early Christian communities; Fourth-century theologians and women; Devotional life and Mary in late antiquity; Early medieval saints East and West, monasticism and Church life; The High Middle Ages: hermits and scholars; The new spirituality and medieval culture; Late medieval mysticism and the devotio moderna, sermons, literature, and the arts; Reformation, Counter-Reformation, and Enlightenment opinions of women.

Reference Materials

Women's Equality Day Article
Search Women's Equality Day at for sites, magazine articles, and related books. Women's Equality Day: annual event in the United States, observed on August 26 since its inception in 1971, marking women's advancements toward equality with men. August 26, 1970, marked the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, which granted American women full suffrage. On that anniversary the National Organization for Women (NOW) called upon women nationwide to "strike for equality." Women in 40 cities organized demonstrations to protest the fact that women still did not have equal rights. In 1971 Congress officially recognized August 26 as Women's Equality Day. Annually since then, women have observed the day with events that celebrate women's progress toward equality. Tools; More About This Topic; Women's Equality Day: Internet Links.

The Quest For Equality
World Book editors have compiled an on-line feature celebrating Women's History Month. Articles in the feature are from World Book and chronicle the rise of the women's movement. Readers will also find biographies of important women trailblazers and a substantial number of web sites concerning women's history.

"It is vitally important that all the structures of Government, including the President should understand fully that freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression."
~~President Nelson Mandela
opening South Africa's first
democratically elected parliament
on 24 May, 1994.


Women's Human Rights Resources
Although the concept of 'equality' might seem easily understood at first, it can in fact be rather complicated. 'Equality' can have different meanings. For example, equality can require treating everyone the same. In another sense, equality can require that different people are treated differently so as to produce an equal result. This section of the site contains articles and documents that deal with women's equality in a general way. Materials contained in this section are diverse. They include works that: identify notions of equality that are used by different international bodies; help define the debate about meanings of 'equality'; set out discussions of the types of obligations that flow from the duty to promote equality; and, those that and provide an analyses of international law's potential to promote real quality for women.

UNESCO Priority
Women, Gender Equality Site "Learn about UNESCO's work to promote the status of women, girls and gender equality in the areas of Education, Natural and Human Sciences, Communication and Culture. UNESCO Celebrates International Women's Day. Now online, in English, French and Spanish ! Women and Gender Equality Reference Sources in Culture.

Greeting Cards and more Greeting Cards
Some of these are quite "uppity". Send one to your mother.

Equality: A History of the Women's Movement in America
Video from takes a documentary and commentary look at women's history in the U.S.A.

Warning! The following site is made with something that drives WebTV crazy. Click the link and don't touch anything until it loads! If you get stuck and can't see where to click next, hit your "Recent" button and then "Back", and the whole page will magically appear. It seems to affect only the first page; from there, everything looks normal. It's almost as much fun as the museum itself! International Museum of Women.

This is by no means meant to be a comprehensive tour of resources available on the subject of Women's Equality. I simply picked some sites that interested me. Most of these pages have extensive links to other sites on various subjects. Roam around and have fun. After all, this is a Surfari.

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